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  • This deserves to be shared because of how true it is XD

    alliyah wrote:The "logical" order of writing a book (priorities)

    1) come up with idea
    2) draft order you want to write ideas
    3) write book
    4) edit book
    5) make a cool cover ~ and title ~
    6) give book to public who are eagerly awaiting book
    7) work on casting movie stars for the film version of the book ~

    The order that things seem to go instead ...

    1) come up with half an idea
    2) write like two random paragraphs and agonize about word choice for 1 sentence because you forget the word for "guise" at this stage it is also vital to come up with a playlist for each character of your book
    3) do a deep multi-day dive of research into something that will not be covered in any level of detail in your book, but is almost related to something
    4) scrap all of your ideas and instead agonize about main character's pet chicken's name
    5) spend most of your free time making a ~cool cover with an inspiring title~ for your book which has no writing yet
    6) get to work on casting the characters for the film version of the book
    7) remember that you still haven't written any of said book, or outlined it, or even really have coherent ideas - but at least your main character's chicken does have a name
    8 ) celebrate by designing the covers for sequel 2-10.

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