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    In which I will very poorly and memely pitch my story to everyone and totally convince people to read it



    Genre: Fantasy Adventure
    Content Rating: Probably 12+ for some violence and mild gore(?)... maybe 16+ to be safe. But that will come later. Not yet. People die but no dogs die
    Brief Description: So basically a cowboy (Matt) who is secretly a wanted criminal and a monster hunter (Clandestine) who is secretly a mage become friends and their messes become each others' messes and their secrets each others' secrets oh and also maybe they take over the world or something 😊 let's find out together
    What should a reader know if they are jumping right into the middle of reading the latest chapter: Oh, *waves hand* you know. Spoilers:
    Spoiler! :
    A giant worm died. Matt knows Clandestine is a mage now and they're cool (maybe). Finally, all that tension's gone haha, right?


    How I got inspired to write project: I have been obsessed with these characters for almost 9 years and I need to make this story exist in a fully finished polished form before I die. It's the only big story I really want to tell. That's all. I'm so normal.
    Something I've learned working on it: Have fun or you cry in MISERY!!!
    Something Interesting about the Main Character: Matt doesn't like chocolate but he loves cheese (make another James loves lasagna and is garfield joke - you KNOW who you are - and I'm going to scream). Clandestine is allergic to crabs but loves all meat. Especially steak. Neither of these things are story relevant but now you know what not to feed them.
    My Favorite Character: Oh that's easy, it's -- *train passes*
    Favorite Dialogue Chunk:
    "I see," was all he said. And that told her nothing. What did that mean? I see?

    "Yes," Clandestine blurted. "I also see."

    Goofy Metaphor: Haha so funny so quirky
    It unearthed with its mouth flayed open like four petals of a flower, peeling away to reveal rows and rows of dirt-brown, needle-like teeth.


    First Chapter Link: CHAPTAH ONE PART ONE + PART TWO
    Latest Chapter(s) Link: CHAPTAH 5 PART ONE + PART TWO
    Favorite Chapter Link: CHAPtuhhh 3.2 i guess
    Any Green Room Chapters Link(s): Like all of them LMAOOooOooooOOoo except chapter 1.1 so I'll put 1.2 look, you can start almost from the beginning

    ~ #ShoutoutYourProject #thelostdragon #lmsvi

    Tagging: @Shady @Horisun @ScarlettFire if you wanna do it hehe

    Spoiler! :
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    ~ #ShoutoutYourProject

    Content Rating:
    Brief Description:
    What should a reader know if they are jumping right into the middle of reading the latest chapter:

    How I got inspired to write project:
    Something I've learned working on it:
    Something Interesting about the Main Character:
    My Favorite Character:
    Favorite Dialogue Chunk:
    Goofy Metaphor:

    First Chapter Link:
    Latest Chapter(s) Link:
    Favorite Chapter Link:
    Any Green Room Chapters Link(s):

    [i]Tag a friend to shoutout their project too![/i]

    soundofmind @spatula i know u mentioned maybe being interested in reading here's more info if u want but no pressure if u lost interest!
    Dec 11, 2022

    creaturefeature my interest continues to grow
    Dec 11, 2022

    Lael I suddenly got flashbacks to the boot chocolate
    Dec 11, 2022

    Dec 11, 2022

    Lael lol idk, seeing it say that he doesn't like chocolate unlocked that memory :P
    Dec 12, 2022

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