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roleplaying is my platonic love language

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  • hi yws <3

    it's been awhile since i was seriously active on here, but i've recently been bitten by the #NaNo bug like i usually am this time of year, and just had to pop on by while it was on my mind. still settling on a novel idea right now, but right now i keep feeling the VERY strong urge to somehow rewrite my seventh grade self-insert novel.

    no matter what, i have a feeling this will be the #NaNo with me being way more true to me, either with a slightly gender funky protagonist or a platonic love story between a girl MC and a boy MC.

    Dossereana So glad to see you back Mage!!!!!!!! <333333
    Oct 23, 2023

    Zyria Happy to see you around again, my friend <33
    Oct 23, 2023

    IcyFlame MAGE
    Oct 24, 2023

    Mageheart HI happy to be popping back in!!!
    Oct 24, 2023

    Kaia The way we figure out that mage is back is when a particular profile pic on our followers page suddenly changes...Just like in the old days. Welcome back!
    Oct 28, 2023

    Mageheart thanks !!!
    Oct 29, 2023

    Oct 29, 2023

    FluorescentAnt Welcome back Mage! Nice to see you again! (The Baiting Mage Into Playing With Us thread has been quite boring without you)
    Oct 30, 2023

while she was studying the ways of pasta he was studying the ways of the sword
— soundofmind