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  • I've finally got Wifi now! Too bad I have to wait till June to Brawl, but here's my code anyway.

    0769 6525 4938 9911

  • Lindsaroo
    Dec 25, 2007

    Heya Elliott.
    I hope your doing good and have a Merry Christmas!! ^_^


  • Ain't that the truth. Hey, once I get Wifi I'll have to add ya. :D

  • I knoe...I cried when I got home [you know how bad my timing is]

    Like, I don't know. I was still hurting from this past week, but it's all good. It was a goood concert though :D


  • Thanks, love.

    And I might not be moving, it's just a possibilty

    and nothing will change

    I'll just...not be herer. But I WILL call you

    and I will still bug the crap out of your dad :D

    [CaitlinJane] *swears to eat Garrett before she dies*

  • :( Please don't call Garrett. I'll be REALLY embarrassed, Violet didn't even care, but Garrett will mock me for the rest of the year, and I'll never come to YOUTH again, and I will be forced to hate you. And then I'll move, and still hate you. And when I come and visit, I won't talk to you...

    You don't want that, right?

    [CaitlinJane] will hate you.

  • *yawns and walks in sleepily* Good morning, love. How are you?

    Yes, Violet's a hottie...and yes, she went out with Sam.

    ANd now she's going out with Alex Wilson, who thinks I'm Saitan (sp?)

    Anyways. GUESS WHAT?!!!

    I'm getting a new horse :D

    And he's actually going to live here.

    ANd Violet and I are sharing custody, becuase we're paying for him. His name is CHARLIE! [haha. Candy Mountain Charlie!] sorry, random moment. Anyways, I like my new avvie too :D

    Talk to you today at school

    [CaitlinJane] wants Garrett to stop being a retard. lol

  • Hello, my love. Madi's party today...and you won't be there. :(

    I'm going over to Jessica's around 2:30, and her mom's taking us. OMGG. Love your new avvie. I'm getting a new video nano :D

    Umm...I have no new news. Zach came over yesterday, and we were gonna go to a concert, but we ended up not going. It was gonna be Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound, Death Cab for Cutie, The Academy Is...etc. I was so mad that we didn't go.

    OH! I slept over at Violet's on Friday, and we watched Saws 1, 2, and 3.

    I didn't get THAT scared, but they were gory. *shudders* I think I saw about 17 heads blown off, and one girls ribcage ripped from her body.

    Yeah, you would've been crying. lol

    Love you!


  • The Summit absolutely owns the Ice Climbers level in Melee, I hated that one with burning passion XD. Meta Knight's final looks OK, sucks if you miss though lol. Highlight for me this week is still the Stage Builder :D

  • *sneaks up behind you and whispers "Did you check the children?*

    Hahahahaha! That movie was AMAZING. ;)

    Guess what???

    I went trick or treating with
    JoeJoe :D
    William <3
    and Alek.

    It was fun....we didn't really trick or treat though. ;)
    So I have like, no candy, but that's ok. Umm....how was your halloween?

    Are you going to Madison's party this sunday?
    I saw Garrett in the hallway and was really mean to him. I felt kinda bad. lol.


    Love you, El-mann!


  • Holy crap! We can make our own stages??


  • you






    But I love you :D Kaleb's party tonight! See you then!

    It's not even scary.
    *hugs* bye!

  • Hehe, nice. Another Smash Sister hopefully, although she might be just an Assist Trophy. But I've heard she's pretty popular, so chances are she'll be playable. XD

    Unfortunately I've heard Sonic's alternate costumes are just skin colour change (I assume not yellow though, since he needs that for Final Smash :D).

  • haha. It was just a random thought I had...And you just had to go when I was on the phone with you because you're eating...well, I just woke up...and I have to tell you about Hamilton's partyyyy!!!! But I'll tell you at Youth. Just know that WIlliam Y. asked me out...but I said no, and I'll tell you why later.

    [CaitlinJane] love's Elliott

  • Why is Brady so anti-social? Would it KILL him to talk with people more, I mean, come one. We got him to shave, what about maybe MAYBE talking to someone, preferably a girl????


If a story is in you, it has to come out.
— William Faulkner