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  • Me: "I like certain fancy family names too, like Adelore and Samaria, but Matthew wasn't a huge fan, so I name my characters those sorts of names instead. For example, Adelore is one of the characters in the books I've been writing.

    My sister: *never read my story* "Adelore and Samaria? You mean Brother Mo and Frenchy?"


    Anyway... talking about names below.

    Spoiler! :
    So, if you're wondering... the real Adelore was my grandma's uncle. Yes, that was his name. Anyway, my grandma called her Uncle Adelore by Uncle Shorty when she was growing up, since basically everyone knew him as Shorty and not by his real name when he was younger, before he took orders. Later, when he took orders, he chose the name "Maurice." But also, nobody knew him by that name either, lol. He was always Mo after that. So like... I knew and called him Brother Mo. I remember once he played Santa at my great-grandma's Christmas Eve party and I was so confused because he was tan, short, clean-shaven, and very bald, haha.

    Now that I write this out, it occurs to me that it would be epic if my character Adelore were known by a nickname from the mines... like, Clarise would call him Adelore ~of course~ because that is a highly respectable name, but it would be amusing if he were known as something else outside of that. But my character isn't very short and his name would probably be something dumb, like Troofy or something, just because of how irritating his gift can be. :P

    So... maybe not, lol.

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