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  • niteowl
    Jul 20, 2013

    Hi Veltrion and welcome to YWS! It's been a while, I know, but you can always come explore us further. Manisha already gave you some good links, so I'll just offer you a welcome gift! :D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :x :P :evil: :twisted: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :smt001 :smt002 :smt003 :smt004 :pirate2: :pirate3: (: :smt006 :smt007 :smt008 :smt009 :smt010 :smt011 :smt012 :smt013 :smt014 :smt015 :smt016 :smt017 :smt019 :smt020 :smt021 :smt022 :smt023 :smt024 :smt026 :smt027 :smt028 :smt029 :smt031 :smt032 :smt034 :elephant:

  • manisha
    Jul 20, 2013

    Leave a message... Hey there! Welcome to YWS! I'm manisha and I jope you like it hete. It is a great site with great people!

    Nice avatar!

    Here are a few links that will help you find your way around here!

    PLEASE READ: FAQ For New Users

    The Buddy System

    Welcome New Members! [2]

    You can message me of you need any help or a review!


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