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  • Ah! Exciting! Just 5 more Green Room Reviews and I'll have finally found that KotGR Unicorn! :D I think I might actually manage that goal before the end of RevMo!

    alliyah wrote:Looks like it's #RevMo again! One of the most exciting times of the year for YWS ~ I'm finding myself very very busy at the moment, but I can't resist the draw of those fun username colors so here are my #ReviewGoals

    1) I have written 488 green room reviews towards my 500 needed for the KotGR unicorn, so I'd like to finish up writing the remaining 12 Green Room Reviews before the month is over! (I've been working on this particular challenge since September 2018, and have been in KotGR since June 2013, so a goal 10 years in the making)...

    2) I won't be able to manage Team Tortoise to grab that beautiful Dark Cyan username, but I am hopeful I could maybe do the 35 Reviews needed for the medium sea green

    3) Hoping to may participate in sharing some reviewing tips!

    4) I think that's all I can manage! Outside of reviewing I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on my monthly musings chapbook draft in the first half of this month and then am sending it to a friend for edit suggestions. I'm excited! Have been submitting a lot of poetry to places recently and hoping to stay on top of that.

    Good luck this month everyone in your reviewing!!

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    Plume Amazing work!!! You got this!
    Sep 22, 2023

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