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  • This is a fun tag that @FireEyes started way back in 2021 that I just remembered because I was re-reading my old wall posts xD Going to try to resurrect it - the idea is you think of ice cream flavors that you think go with different YWSers and then include the hashtag #ywsicecream

    Here's what I could come up with -

    @FireEyes - cinnamon swirl
    @Spearmint - mint oreo
    @Quillfeather - marshmallow fudge
    @gremlingeodes - coffee cocoa swirl
    @weathervane - earl grey vanilla bean
    @Liminality - lemon graham cracker
    @Elinor - red velvet
    @BluesClues - raisin bran crunch (thinking of a flavor Edna might like!)
    @GengarIsBestBoy - Blueberry Pie
    @Meshugenah - monster cookie
    @keystrings - key lime pie
    @Rook - chocolate chip raspberry swirl
    @AilahEvelynMae - pumpkin spice
    @OrabellaAvenue - cotton candy

    FireEyes wrote:what if we started tagging people and described them as ice cream?...Imma do it

    @MomoMajesty: Cotton Candy with rainbow Sprinkles
    @LadyMysterio: Black Cherry
    @Carina: All the flavours that mesh well together at once with a single brownie on top

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    Can anyone add some more YWSers and Ice Cream flavors to our lists? :D

    Spearmint yaaas mint ice cream :333
    @alliyah - lavender with a light dusting of sea salt
    @WeepingWisteria - wisteria (it's actually a flavor!) with dark chocolate shavings
    @LuminescentAnt - strawberry drizzled with honey and a waffle cone

    Sep 19, 2023

    Liminality Haha this is neat! It's been months since I had ice cream so I can't actually come up with flavours off the top of my head <.< but

    @alliyah - a blue sorbet that actually tastes citrussy
    @VengefulReaper - coffee and fudge
    @Ventomology - raspberry and citrus

    Sep 19, 2023

    Rook Did you say that because of my comment on this blog post? or do i genuinely give off vibes of my favorite I've cream?!
    Sep 19, 2023

    Elinor accurate <3
    Sep 19, 2023

    Quillfeather i feel like a personally would hate marshmallow ice-cream
    but i am kinda marshmallow-ey

    Sep 19, 2023

    BluesClues alas that I would not like my own flavor, probably XD
    Sep 19, 2023

    alliyah @Spearmint - that sounds like a lovely flavor; I do like lavender lattes! sounds very sophisticated ~
    @Liminality - ah! That blue one sounds bold and maybe a little silly :D Also last time this tag came around I had at least 2 blue flavor comments! So there's something going on there!
    @Rook - I definitely have read that post; but did not remember it when I was writing this! I guess you do give off those vibes! (I was thinking more of your poetry vibes - and can not really explain why chocolate chip + raspberry seems like you)...
    @Elinor ~ I think I'm thinking red carpet premiere glamorous vibes for you! ~
    @Quillfeather - oh man! marshmallow topping is one of my very favorites! :D
    @BluesClues - last time we did this I think I chose Nacho flavored icecream for you xD so I'm not sure why these are your vibes!

    I also tried not to look at my old one before writing this - but I love that both times I chose "Monster Cookie" for Mesh, there is something to this I think.

    Sep 19, 2023

    keystrings I love lime-flavored things in all forms, going between simply making lime-on-ade with extra lime juice at dinner, or having key lime pie c:
    Sep 19, 2023

    LuminescentAnt @Spearmint how do you know me so welllll
    Sep 21, 2023

    Spearmint hehehe minty magic >:) ...well, for part of it, your character gave it away ;) but also you give off sweet + crunchy vibes, i guess?? =P
    (and keystrings lime is so valid ^^)

    Sep 22, 2023

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