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  • I think I may have not posted a #monthlymusings in March / April / May though some of those things ended up in my napo thread. <.< whoops! Well I'll catch back up here! I started doing the gif-poems in June 2021 so we've come full circle now. :] #alliyahpoets

    march is indecisively uncommitted
    and trying to find a good way
    to tell you winter's over and it's time
    for the both of us to see different people.
    and for some reason every time the
    conversation starts, we get interrupted
    by the sun undeciding when the day
    is going to start or end. so i set my clock
    an hour ahead and hope for the best
    even when i see spring is going to be late,
    and no one knows where the sun went.

    it must be april
    not summer,
    and surely not spring. Not debating a hello while looking
    straight at my shoes - surely not.
    'what a silly thing to be afraid of' my mother used to say
    about the deep-side of hotel swimming pools; but i hate the way
    i can see a dirty quarter sunken against the concrete
    seven feet deep and i'm more afraid of letting her down
    so i jump and drown. yes, absolutely silly.
    poem continued


    and all at once everything's new
    may demands unashamedly to be known; written down -
    if not in words, then springing forth unkempt weeds from sidewalk
    cracks and howling at the newborn gosling loud enough
    for the neighbors to wonder what's going on and borrowing
    your favorite floral blouse, without asking first, the moment
    you take it out of winter storage and breaking sunbeams
    through your window blinds to tell you she's coming over,
    whether or not you're ready at this hour for company and
    some might call her raucous-joy presumptuous, but
    there's something about her that makes me happy to be alive.

    may is
    & green,
    & seems still
    to be living
    & that at least
    counts for something
    i suppose
    in midst of all of life's
    time is reborn.

    Stringbean These are really beautiful, love them
    Jun 4, 2022

    alliyah Thank you!
    Jun 4, 2022

"Everything you can imagine is real."
— Pablo Picasso