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  • zohali93
    Oct 17, 2014

    I had the shock of my life, or maybe
    I should say year...or day.

    I was at home, munching away and doing the finishing touches to my lab report which would be handed in later that day. Here I was relaxing then I look at the clock, back to my work. I look at the clock then my work then there was a brief moment of nothing and then BAM I'M LATE!!!! LAB STARTS IN 10 MINUTES AT 12. (It's three hours long)

    The transit was super slow as it usually is when I need it. I ran and ran and ran. Before I knew it, it was 12:30 and I was like,
    "They're finished the quiz, I may not be let in now"
    The lab rooms were locked and no one opened when I knocked. So I went to the office.
    "What time is too late to go in for labs?" I asked.
    "Lab starts at 2." She says.
    "12?" I repeat thinking there were two different time sessions.
    "No 2."
    "oh ok. Thanks,"
    I felt like melting guys! I was so glad for once that I was wrong. My body was still in shock and I couldn't get rid of that feeling.

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