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  • Skydreamer
    May 8, 2013

    I looove CoOkies! haha :D
    but sorry they hurt your stomach...um, hi!

  • Amarii
    Apr 19, 2012

    Cookies are delicious

  • Heyy! Thank you for another review!! I will look at your story now :') Sorry for the delayed reply! :D

    Al3xx actually could you send me a link?? I have NO Idea how to find people's works on this it's sad :'(
    Mar 29, 2012

    RainbowSherbet I know i hate it :(, Also which story do you want i have a few starters
    Jun 30, 2012

  • RomanticWriter92
    Mar 24, 2012

    hey sorry I'm just replying but we can work on a story if you would like to just message me if your still interested okay :)

    RainbowSherbet Okay i'm very interested
    Jun 30, 2012

  • RainbowSherbet
    Mar 24, 2012

    Cookies hurt my stomach

  • RainbowSherbet
    Mar 8, 2012

    If anyone needs help with stories talk to me i would love to help anyone in need

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