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  • This is great if you don't know much about the Roleplay Section on YWS!
    SilverNight wrote:

    brought to you by @Carina, @HarryHardy, and @SilverNight

    Have you ever wanted to become involved in the Roleplay Forum, but you're unsure about how it works? We're here to show you the ropes! In this workshop, we'll explain the different types of roleplays (Storybooks, Realm and Hollow) and have prompts for quick roleplaying exercises. It's perfect for beginners, but if you've roleplayed before, feel free to join anyway and maybe learn something new!

    In order to make things easier for participants to attend, we're holding two different sessions for the Welcome to RP Workshop. The dates are automatically adjusted to your time zone!

    with @Carina and @SilverNight
    with @SilverNight and @HarryHardy

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