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  • Hey! Its been a bit. I hope all of you are doing good. I've been trying to write in my Google Docs recently. I've been rewriting my old stories from when I was 12, one of them is a series of books called The Gray Lining. It's about a girl named Cammie(who ABSOLUTELY isn't a self insert) who has lived in a facility with several other kids as long as she can remember. Basically she and her friends are all experiments, part animal hybrids. They escape, live with humans for a while with a lot of challenges along the way(12 year old me created a really weird allegory for r@cism, that's all I'm saying), and then there's a cult that feels like Cammie and her new human friends are too much trouble.

    The Gray Lining story is really complicated and weird. Anyways, that's where I'm leaving y'all. This is a bit late, but have a great 2024. Hopefully I'll finish a book for once in my life this year lol.

    IcyFlame Sounds interesting! Please let us know if you ever post any of it here for review :)
    Jan 15, 2024

    Rose Icy's right, it does sound awesome. Looking forward to reading it :D
    Jan 15, 2024

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