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My name is Melanie S. Calloway; I'm an aspiring published author. I've been writing ever since I step foot inside my first grade class and my teacher, Ms. Henry, required every student to write atleast a paragraph, on whatever subject we'd like and to draw a picture with it. Even though I had many the worst grammer in my class I alway wound up writing a whole page and thus causing me to draw the pictures on the back of the page :). Believe it or not I still have three composition books full from first and second grade, and they are all pretty funny (I may post some up one day). I got my love of book from my mom; she would buy me a book before she would ever buy a video game and take me to the library before 'Chuck E. Cheese'. So my love for literature has grown so much because of her. I love to write, but I guess that's pretty clear with me being on this website and all. I hope you like my work. I love CREATIVE CRITICISM.


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