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  • Some potentially unpopular opinions I hold on popular (?) media

    Dolittle (2020)
    Spoiler! :
    I liked Robert Downey Jr.'s "Dolittle," actually. It wasn't, like, the greatest movie ever made, but it got absolutely scathing reviews and I thought overall it got weirdly a lot of hate for a movie that was pretty good.

    But I'm also aware that for many people, Eddie Murphy's "Dr. Dolittle" (1998) is the only frame of reference, like people were confused by the not-modern setting of "Dolittle." But. "Dolittle" AND Eddie Murphy's "Dr. Dolittle" AND Rex Harrison's "Doctor Dolittle" (1967) are all based on Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle books, the first of which was published in 1920.

    So, like. It's not that Robert Downey Jr.'s was weird or out of place for being set in the past - Eddie Murphy's was a modernization of the source material.

    Les Mis (2012)
    Spoiler! :
    I can't stand Javert. Any version of him. I chose the more recent movie musical version, but really, any version of Javert. Can't stand him. Irritated by him. Think he's a callous idiot.

    Our Flag Means Death (2022)
    Spoiler! :
    I do NOT think you have to "wait until Episode 4 for it to get good." I was immediately sold, the second I saw Stede running his ship like a modern kindergarten class. Part of the problem may be mismarketing, because if it were marketed as a romance instead of a comedy, like, those early episodes DO hit romance beats, and if people realized that's what it was supposed to be doing...maybe they'd be more into it.

    Also, I can't stand Izzy. He is not my uwu babygirl. I love Con O'Neill, but I wish Izzy a very merry go away. If they want to give him a redemption arc, maybe I'll change my mind, but I actually don't like him at all and wish the crew's mutiny had finished before Ed returned.

    Also also, far from grieving the loss of Ed's magnificent beard...I think he's totally beautiful without it.

    Friends (1994)
    Spoiler! :

    Also lol @ every article that's like "the character of Joey didn't age well" when Barney Stinson was created *20 years later* and is far worse, jfc.

    Also also, imagine complaining about *Joey* when ROSS IS RIGHT THERE.

    Also also also, Emily deserved better and is not the evil witch everyone makes her out to be.

    Twilight (2005)
    Spoiler! :
    Okay so it's actually not unpopular at all to trash the Twilight franchise, and I think a lot of the Twilight bashing is well-deserved (do not @ me like I didn't grow up as a teenage girl - yes, some of the bashing comes from it being aimed at teen girls, but there are many legitimate criticisms that the teen-girl bashing does not negate).

    That said, while I'm not a fan by any stretch of the imagination...

    - It's a great injustice that movie!Bella deprived us of all the hoodies book!Bella constantly wears
    - I know it came a few years later, but it's an even greater injustice that the movie had Bella researching vampires on a sleek macbook with good wifi instead of using a shitty old box of a home computer that was hooked up to dial-up
    - I remember when the movies came out that hardcore fans complained that Kristen Stewart "wasn't pretty enough to play Bella" (lol???), but even then I was like ...I read the books, isn't the point that Bella ISN'T gorgeous, she's just an average girl? But go off I guess

    Okay, back to complaints lololol.

    - Midnight Sun was largely terrible and boring
    - Life & Death PISSED ME THE HELL OFF, how are you gonna make me sit through a c/p of the entire original book to ~show me it wouldn't change if it were genderbent~ (which is laughable anyway since Stephenie Meyer is CLEARLY a biological essentialist??) AND THEN CHANGE THE ENTIRE ENDING WTF
    - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is better than the original franchise except oh my god Stephenie for the love of all that is good and holy I am BEGGING you to use chapter or scene breaks?? an entire novella and not one natural stopping point. thanks, I hate it

    Anyway if you're looking for more of my thoughts on Twilight, I livetweeted my re-read of the first book, my read of Midnight Sun AND Life & Death, and my watchthrough of all the films.

    Twilight (book)
    Midnight Sun
    Life & Death
    Twilight (movie)
    New Moon (movie)
    Eclipse (movie)
    Breaking Dawn (movie)
    The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

    ...I think I had more, but then I said all that about Twilight and had to go find my links and now I forget the rest. But that is. probably enough XD

    #truthordare #socialmonth

    Feb 2, 2023

    ChesTacos i like les mis :c
    but i agree with u on dolittle

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues @Corvid like listen I watched Friends when it aired bc I am old and like I enjoy it despite the fact that it's problematic in many ways BUT ROSS. I HAVE MORE AND MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT ROSS EVERY TIME I WATCH THE SHOW. I COULD WRITE A DOCTORAL THESIS ABOUT HOW MUCH ROSS SUCKS

    @ChesTacos oh I like Les Mis too! I just can't stand *Javert*

    Feb 2, 2023

    Quillfeather How DARE you say such a thing about jevert >:(
    Have you watched Javerts suicide l. What a sad song, why do you dislike him??(not actually offended )

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues @Quillfeather ironically I do actually love his songs BUT YES I HAVE WATCHED HIS SUICIDE AND I'M NOT SAD. he literally kills himself because he can't bear to live in a world where people can?? grow?? and change?? and become better?? and show mercy?? MISS ME WITH THAT, SIR.
    Feb 2, 2023

    Quillfeather Okay yeah
    But I think he kills himself because he realizes he never made the right choice, he made a mistake because Veljohn was actually a good person and this truth he has lived by his whole life was wrong. Basically he can't live with himself because what he has spent his life doing. He actual DID change as he was a prisoner and whatnot before he swore to the law.
    "You know nothing of jevert
    I was born inside a jail,
    I was born with men like you
    I am gutter too"
    "Dare you talk to me of crime, or the price you had to pay, every man is born in sin, everyman must choose his way. " These lines are easy to miss but it kinda sums up his original ideals that he later throws out.
    And can we mention how javet gives his badge to gavroche when he dies.
    Just because he made bad choices once in his life and lived by them, but repented in the end doesn't mean we have to hate him forever. But, you can absolutely have your own opinion and I hope this doesn't sound rude at all :)

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues @Quillfeather I don't think he WAS a criminal, I read "I was born inside a jail" literally - he was literally born to a woman who was imprisoned. He grew up with the poor and downtrodden and imprisoned and should have some sympathy toward Valjean for stealing bread because his family was starving, yet he doesn't.

    ...sorry in advance, I have an English degree and you're about to see me use it because this got very long XD Sorry. Gonna spoiler this! I just say my opinion on Javert is unpopular because when the movie came out EVERYONE loved him and I...do not.

    Following is my reading of Javert's character, focusing on the suicide song since you mentioned that one as well (but also looking at "Stars," which I think summarizes his worldview early on). (I also love "Stars" even though I hate the message lmao.)

    Spoiler! :
    In "Stars," the whole song is about how "those who falter and those who fall must pay the price" - Javert does not believe in divine (or human) mercy or redemption, only divine (or human) punishment for wrongdoing.

    And frankly I don't see him singing in his suicide song about never making the right choice, either! As he grapples with Valjean's actions vs. what he's always believed about punishment over mercy, he says, "I stare into the void of a world that cannot hold. I'll escape now from that world." He chooses not to go on because he cannot reconcile Valjean's merciful world with his own belief in retribution...and he'd rather die than believe mercy wins out over retribution.

    We can further see this because Javert's Suicide parallels Valjean's Soliloquy!

    Like Javert, Valjean starts the story believing in a world that is harsh and cruel, one where wrongdoing is always punished. (Unlike Javert, he's on the "wrong" side of the law, so while Javert believes in always punishing wrongdoers, Valjean believes he might as well always do wrong because he'll always be punished anyway.) When the bishop shows kindness - helping Valjean escape returning to prison, even though Valjean has stolen from him - Valjean is shook, just like Javert is later shook when Valjean lets him go rather than killing him.

    They have even have similar lines:

    I am reaching but I fall
    And the stars are black and cold
    As I stare into the void
    Of a world that cannot hold
    I'll escape now from that world
    From the world of Jean Valjean
    There is no where I can turn
    There is no way to go on

    - Javert's Suicide

    I am reaching, but I fall
    And the night is closing in
    As I stare into the void
    To the whirlpool of my sin
    I'll escape now from that world
    From the world of Jean Valjean
    Jean Valjean is nothing now
    Another story must begin

    - Valjean's Soliloquy

    Valjean, staring into "the whirlpool of my sin," clearly realizes he has made mistakes. Javert, however, does not stare into his own actions but "a world that cannot hold," i.e. his worldview rather than his own actions.

    Both reject "the world of Jean Valjean," but they mean different things by it: Valjean rejects his old worldview of a punishing, merciless world and chooses to embrace a new worldview of mercy and redemption by changing his identity and becoming a new and different person. However, Javert rejects Valjean's NEW worldview of a merciful world filled with the possibility of redemption...and then kills himself because he realizes that there's no way for him to overcome this new worldview otherwise.

    Basically he annoys me because they both had a very similar experience and had faced the same kind of moment that COULD lead to them changing for the better. But while Valjean DOES change for the better...Javert chooses not to, so decisively that he kills himself rather than embracing this change.

    Him giving Gavroche his badge is the ONLY thing he does that I like, but I think he actually immediately regrets THAT - he realizes he has started to faintly embrace Valjean's worldview, and he's mortified with himself for doing so. Thus leading to his suicide song and the suicide itself.

    ...thank you for coming to my TED Talk whoops

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues Y'know I said THAT was long, but I guarantee if I were talking about how terrible Ross from Friends is...it'd be way longer X'D
    Feb 2, 2023

    WaffleCat you're right about Ed being beautiful without the beard and you should say it

    also give me the 1000 part essay on why ross sucks, kthx

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues @WaffleCat no we will seriously literally be here forever, yeah I TALK about how I don't like Javert, but ROSS--

    Like tbh in Javert v. Ross I am firmly on the side of Javert, at least he gets some beautiful songs--

    Feb 2, 2023

    Quillfeather Some very important points and I actually quite enjoyed reading it even though I normally can't with long stuff. I think the main difference between veljean and Javerts is the way they delt with trauma. Jevert kinda took it in a way that justice in the world is built up on punishment of wrong doer's and veljean took it to where he felt like all should be forgiven. I'm not saying Javerts actions were right but I feel like there is so much character growth with him and really shows what a traumatic event can do to a person. I also feel like his quest if seeking those for a punishment is a way to hide his pain. But you make some good points. I actually only watched it once and wasn't really able to pay attention because things... But Me and my brother used to always sing the confrontation and I would always sing Javerts part so maybe I am just coming from that point of view
    Feb 2, 2023

    WaffleCat @BluesClues okay but what about Ross vs Izzy lmaooo
    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues @Quillfeather the confrontation is EXCELLENT, I love the countermelodies!

    ...dang, @WaffleCat asking the hard questions


    well I know Ross is at the end

    but who wins, Javert or Izzy


    Feb 2, 2023

    WaffleCat @BluesClues gotta admit, seeing it written out like that now has me wondering which one of them would win in a fight. Like, Ross would be doomed but Javert versus Izzy...
    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues Oh Ross would DEFINITELY be doomed but not because he sucks, just because he has no physical skill to speak of.

    Javert's on the side of the law and has also been a soldier I'm p sure, but Izzy's been a pirate so?? but Javert is also bigger lmao so sorry Izzy but your tininess may defeat you--

    Feb 2, 2023

    Nate Absolutely agreed on Ross. He's always whining, he's the most stuck-up, and, worst of all, he has a son that he always forgets about. I'd also argue he's the only one to show negative character growth over the course of the series in terms of career success.

    Read a good fan theory once that the reason we don't see Ben a lot, or even hear about him, after season two or three is that Carol had his parental rights revoked. After witnessing his increasingly psychotic behavior and unstable personal life, she went to court to have his custody & visitation rights revoked, and ensured that when he does spend time with Ben, there is always another person present.

    Feb 2, 2023

    BluesClues OH MY GOSH that would make so much sense??? Because it does literally feel like he forgets about Ben...but he definitely gets worse over the course of the series, so I would super be on Carol's side if she had his parental rights revoked.
    Feb 2, 2023

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