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    alliyah wrote:been a while since I posted a poetry monthly musing; so let's see if this gif thing actually works -- #monthlymusings #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets
    june | soon

    Spoiler! :

    june counts her days
    anxious-quick on her fingers;
    afraid she'll lose one if she doesn't count,
    the birds and the new floral leaves
    help her keep track of things-
    and somewhere the fish are singing;
    hum hum, one two, come home, three four,
    bubble away the day, and one day more,
    and all this day-counting becomes
    synonymous with breathing
    and every breath is hoping
    she'll find the river soon.

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    alliyah thank u for share !! :,)
    Jun 24, 2021

    BluesClues I love it so much <3
    Jun 24, 2021

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