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About guitargirl

I'm an average 13 year old who loves to read and write. I'm the girl in the back of the classroom that bangs on her desk with pencils, replaying Paramore and Flyleaf in her head during math class. I'm the girl who everyone is hesitant to talk to [besides my friends] I'm the girl who can be completely quiet around people she doesn't know, and dance around with her friends like a total idiot. I'm the girl who falls in love, but is disappointed in the end. I'm the girl who can brighten someone's day, when nothing can brighten her day. I'm the girl who plays guitar and piano while other girls play lacrosse and soccer. I'm the girl that is a stereotypical "goth" [Loves black, wears black, listens to rock/alteranative.] I'm the girl with the name of Lise.


Guitar, Piano, Drums, Singing, Dancing, Love, Music, Books, and Writing :]

There's a Brazilian things you could write about. You just gotta pick Juan.
— Hattable