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  • Sometimes Twitter sucks.
    Sometimes if you dig deep enough, you find things like this:


  • so apparently to demi lovato its offensive to call EXTRATERRESTRIALS "aliens".

    i- hon, we don't even know if they e x i s t like jeez first it was fro-yo now this

  • u really can't tell me that glinda didn't even try flying before defying gravity like her whole dress is a freakin parachute, she just had to jump from a high place that's IT

  • the devil works hard but addison montgomery works harder

  • that moment when the short witch dad in your story falls in love with a buff af veterinarian witch lady and his witch daughter who's just like ":/"

    IcyFlame ah, spoilers! xD
    Sep 15, 2021

  • i just realized that i've never read harry potter lmao

    Broady771 You're not alone :D

    (I haven't watched the movies or even read their books. Maybe someday)

    Sep 15, 2021

  • Thanks for the follow! * follows back * :)
    Also, belated welcome to YWS!!! I hope you have a wonderful time here!!!

  • that moment when you realize how toxic book twitter is despite only being on the outskirts of the drama, watching:


  • heya!!! Welcome to YWS!!! I'm Ches!
    If you have any questions you can ask me (and hopefully I'll know the answer) or better yet anyone with a green username (those are the global mods) as well as anyone with a lighter shade of green (the junior mods) or red usernames (admins)
    Hope you enjoy your stay!


  • Hkumar
    Sep 11, 2021

    Welcome to YWS :)

  • Hijinks
    Sep 11, 2021

    Hi there, welcome to YWS!

    I'm whatchamacallit, but you can also call me whatcha! I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about the site. Any other global moderators, as well as junior moderators and admin are here to help and answer questions, too.

    These are some handy links you might find helpful with getting started on the site:
    - The Welcome Mat is a great place to get information about the website. You can check out the FAQ thread, or create a post in the Questions and answers forum.
    - The rules thread is good to check out, so you know what's allowed on the site!
    - The Big Book of YWS Codes has everything you need to know about ~formatting~.

    Also, if you're unsure where to start when it comes to reviewing, the Critique Sandwich and Review templates are really useful resources! You're also welcome to ask me if you have any specific questions about writing reviews.

    Since this is a writer's site, what are your favourite genres to read/write? I personally stick to poetry, the angstier the better :)

    Hope to see you around <3


  • Hey, there! I'm an amateur writer who's just looking to better her skills, and hopefully make some friends along the way.

    Broady771 Nice to have you on YWS! I just came in not too long ago too! Feel free to ask any of us any questions!:D
    Sep 11, 2021

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