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  • LadyPurple
    Aug 26, 2016

    tbh there's somebody i sold down the river cuz they were dumb enough to believe anything I said, someone with a warrant, on this site so like...sorry guys XD
    btw, broke the glass prism dragon thing with pliers.

    LadyPurple I do miss this site but I don't really think I would have time anymore. I write articles for a site and I have stuff to do with my boyfriend a lot and then I have college. ;-;
    Aug 26, 2016

    Omni well as long as you drop by and say hi every once in awhile or just lurk around, I'm happy.

    Also what's the site that you're writing articles on?

    Aug 26, 2016

    LadyPurple I write under a pen name but I'll tell you in a DM, I like my anonymity.
    Aug 27, 2016

Remember the rain that made your corn grow.
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