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  • I have an idea for a dystopian world based on the stigma surrounding Autism. My primary inspiration is the Judge Rotenberg Center and various Eugenic movements from history.

    My roadblock lies with character writing and plot progression.
    I have the world now what?

    WeepingWisteria That sounds incredibly fascinating. I tend to build characters first, then shape the world around them, so I can't help you there. I can wish you luck, though. Good luck!
    Jan 29, 2022

    Stringbean Oh, hmmm, yeah always a tough question lol. I'm a character writer, so characters are my go-to before worldbuilding and plotting, but maybe you just need to ask yourself the right questions to get started??

    Jus' some ideas~
    What's the main goal of the story you want to write? That'll be inherently linked to the kind of plot you have. And who is the story speaking to? A dystopian society overcoming stigma (probably speaking to neurotypicals), or a single character rising above it even when no one else does (maybe more voiced to people with autism), while set in the same world, will be very different stories.
    Would your story be better told from a single character's perspective (maybe an autistic protagonist) or more of an omniscient narration? First person or third?
    What kind of characters and narration/pov do you prefer to write? If you don't generally love it, probably won't stick with the project.
    What subgenre do you want to write in? Dystopian sci-fi, literary, fantasy? Do a bit of research on the story conventions novels in that genre tend to adhere to regarding plot, characters, narration, etc.

    Anyway, I'm not a developmental editor, but there's a few thing to think about. Also there's tons of blog articles from real editors online with lots of tips on everything novel-writing, maybe worth checking out ^-^

    Jan 29, 2022

What will live longer, you or your words? Something to think about the next time you abandon a project...
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