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  • servant4christ
    Mar 15, 2013

    It doesn't seem fair...It seems like I always have to be the one who cleans up the mess when people storm away from me in a huff...I'm upset too! But no...I have to smile and laugh as if nothing happened just to save face... *sigh*

    Love *huggles :/* ...why do you have to pretend?
    Mar 15, 2013

    FlowerPower Same thing with me. I know how it feels. Eventually it gets to the point where it's ridicules.
    Mar 15, 2013

    servant4christ The people I'm around don't seem to know how to control themselves in public...I'm all for expressing yourself, but when the person screams at someone in the hallway and then marches off...everyone looks to the one left standing there. They don't want an explanation, they want a reaction, something they can talk about to their friends about. So in the end that person can either add to the scene or shrug it off to keep the drama away. *sigh* I'm glad I am not alone in this! :D Haha My whole day has kinda been just...bad...but I am cheered up now!
    Mar 15, 2013

    FlowerPower THe scenario you just described is like what happens to me at lunch everyday. The people I sit with are so crazy and are always making scenes, but I still love them in a way :P
    And I hope I helped you feel better, if you ever want to talk just PM me or something. :)

    Mar 15, 2013

i got called an enigma once so now i purposefully act obtuse
— chikara