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    1. I love the smell of cigarette smoke.

    2. I bunked school one day and roamed around town in my uniform.

    3. My favorite color is red.

    Answer on my wall to avoid notifs!

    Mageheart 3?

    Edit: Hi! Sorry for replying here instead of on your wall. I totally misread your post and thought you meant you wanted people to reply to this post on your wall here. Sorry for the notif!

    Feb 15, 2022

    RandomTalks Don't worry about that! I only put that so it doesn't start a chain of conversation and blow up everyone's notifications. Plus its easier to answer people's guesses in individual replies. And by the way,

    Spoiler! :
    You guessed right!

    Feb 15, 2022

I hope everyone's safe and sound and has some potatoes in the pantry.
— Arcticus