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About Bronco

Me? Well I was born some time ago to parents who hadn't bargained with what they'd get. Anyway I'm here now and survived somehow to get to be a certain amount of years old. If you wanna know how old read my birthdate and use your mental maths. I'm a homeschooled student. I wouldn't call myself a writer although I've whacked a few essays together that various proffesionals and teachers have thought the best they've seen. Only written one long poem, but I like versifying.
Yeah, that's me I 'spose. Oh and I'm a crazy harmonica player as a certain friend of mine called Boni Bee could attest to. I love horses, computers, motorbikes, and more. I've got lots of heros, but one of my greatest goals is to be able to play harmonica like Larry Adler.


Harmonicas, horses, anything cowboy, motorbikes, writing little ditties that have some resemblance for poetry, etc etc


crazed cowboy poet, I think

I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.
— Pablo Neruda