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About thegirlandthepen

I'm shy at first, quiet at times, I'm sometimes confident, sometimes not. Always loud, forever outspoken. I'm usually happy, and always caring. I'm insecure, but aren't we all. I like tea with three sugars, warm summer evenings and floral prints. I love going to Zoo's, and geeking out in the library. I like little coffee shops but I don't drink coffee. I have a weakness for guys with cute smiles, and clothes with a sale sticker on the price tag. I want to always smell of Neroli Jasmine, I want my hair to always be wavy. I prefer to lose myself in a fantasy world, rather than face reality. I'm addicted to American Television and Literature. I'm constantly listening to music, afraid of the silence. I love my friends, I love my family. I'm in love with writing, and when I can't write anything of my own I compromise with fanfiction.


floral shorts; smiles; neroli jasmine; wavy hair; TRUEBLOOD; cups of tea; leopard fur; indie bands; honesty; girl brogues; DRAKE; black&whitemovies; twilight; london; coral nail varnish; kissez&cuddlez; drunken photographs; sushii; black eyeliner; trashy american TV; vodka&coke; summer picnics; etcc.


acting student.


“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.”
— Dylan Thomas