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  • #reviewgoals
    1. i’m eyeing that medium sea green 👀
    2. i’ve only got 30 reviews to go until my next star !! so completing goal 1 will also get me goal 2 c:
    3. get as much as i can in the checklist challenge :>

    Snoink I KNEW you would be all about the sea green, lol.

    ...I am working on a review for you. But I haven't finished it yet... today??

    Sep 2, 2023

    alliyah get that minty green! :D good luck @Spearmint!!
    Sep 2, 2023

    Liminality Good luck with your goals! I believe in you!!
    Sep 2, 2023

    Spearmint thanks!! :3
    Sep 2, 2023

    IcyFlame Yesss! You can do it!
    Sep 4, 2023

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