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  • Spearmint wrote:

    February 25

    Week 4

    Calling all writers! Have you ever gotten a review that made you go "ooh!" with a new idea, or that brought some super-helpful tips or a fresh perspective? Is there a reviewer who's been keeping up with all your chapters that you want to shout a million thank-yous to? Well, today you're encouraged to do exactly that! (Okay, perhaps not exactly-- a million is a lot-- but you get the idea :P) Your challenge is to write a thank-you note to a reviewer you appreciate!
    That reviewer can be someone who's reviewed one of your works, or someone you've seen around the site that you'd like to thank! And just to spice things up a little, perhaps you'd like to try writing a thank-you note from the point of view of one of your characters? ;) It's up to you how you'd like to write your thank-you note(s), but be sure to give yws's amazing reviewers all the respect and appreciation they deserve! :D

    Oh, and that's not all! Is that another challenge I see?

    Green Room Queries! This fine day, all ye brave ywsers are charged with the noble task of riding into the treacherous wildernesses of the Green Room and posting friendly inquiries on the works of your fellow ywsers! Ahem. In other words, find people whose works are in the Green Room and ask them questions about their works as encouragement to keep writing! Bonus points if the work's been in the Green Room for a while :D

    And if you're feeling up to it, why not drop off a review as well? If you become a Knight of the Green Room, you can also earn great treasures (and fancy badges!) as you embark on/continue your reviewing journey! :]

    Finally, as with the previous double challenge of #ReviewTag and #inasentence , you are absolutely welcome to participate in one or both of thank-you notes for reviewers and Green Room Queries! They'll be open all week~ ^-^

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