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  • Can you publish stories in the blog section? I was planning on writing Mothers of Genesis (the hopefully better sequel to I Am Genesis) and I do not want to wait until I get 200 points to do it.

    IcyFlame Hey Purple! In theory, you can publish in the blogs section though it's unlikely you'll get any reviews by posting there. The whole site works around the premise of reviewing other people's work in order to get feedback on your own
    There are some great resources if you're unsure about reviewing:
    Review tips can link you to some great ones!

    If you write a reasonably detailed review, it should only take you 2x reviews to get 200 points :)

    So in short, yes you can, but I'd encourage you to get the points and post that way because you'll get much more feedback <3

    Oct 22, 2021

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