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  • This is me ranting about abuse of power so its spoilered:

    Spoiler! :

    So last year my executive team left and so naturally they had to replace the members. I was one of the executives and I was so happy because I genuinely enjoyed the work we were doing and I was happy to be able to make more important decisions. Anyways this other guy mark, he became the head. The top. Most important guy. And you would think with such an important role, literally overseeing everyone he would have to be such a responsible and amazing person right? Wrong. Hes literally the opposite. I feel like at this point I should provide some context, i got promoted really quickly. This isn't a flex, this isn't a good thing. Bc i got promoted so quickly I didn't have the proper training so I didn't fully know what to do a lot of the time. Anyways back to mark, the worst person on this planet. Hes childish and rude to everyone. Remember how I said I didn't get proper training and so I don't know what to do a lot? Well Mark, as the head, instead of oh i dunno, making sure i learn and helping guide me in order for me to do my job, he just bullies me about it 24/7. Literally all i hear from him is "you're so bad at your job", "stop being a [u can fill in the blanks] and pull your weight" and stuff like that. And it was like this ON THE DAILY. Everytime I showed up I would hear this. So then I started showing up less because I couldn't deal with this anymore and so then he started getting pissed at me for not showing up and not pulling my weight. So he literally verbally abuses me when i don't or do show up it doesn't matter. Anyways I've been dealing with this for a year now and he always berates me, sometimes for no reason. One time 20 big muscular guys broke into a staff only area and he made me, a skinny kid with about as much muscle as a singular noodle, tell them to leave. And obviously they didn't listen to me, but then he got mad at me for not getting them out?????? And he's still verbally abusing me for not being good at my job (even tho he yells at me and insults me whenever i ask for help so i cant get better) and for not showing up (even tho he constantly bullies me). Also here's a fun fact, he's also literally a tyrant. Im an exec, meaning i should have a say in any and all decisions. But no, he always leaves me out of discussions, he literally only makes decisions with his yes man who just agrees with everything he says and there's nothing i can do abt it bc he's the head so i have no one to complain to abt his exclusion of my speech as an executive. Also, since he makes this decisions without me, sometimes I complain because they're dumb decisions, sometimes they're just abuse of power (such as threatening to remove ppls volunteer hrs bc this is a volunteer position of they don't show up when he forces them to regardless of their scheduling). When I do that, instead of thinking for one second about my opinion he immediately just restricts me from having an opinion. For example, we communicate (as in the entire team) thru an online server, so when i complained he just kicked me from said server so i couldn't complain anymore. Like im genuinely so sick and tired of this, idk what to do. Oh yeah and i almost forgot, he literally tells non-execs (such as juniors) to not listen to me and that im not a real executive even though that's not true

    tatteredbones Go somewhere else in the long run it will be better for your health to just quit and find a place where they respect you and see your efforts
    May 27, 2023

    Spearmint yiikes that sucks ;-;
    if you don't want to leave, is there another member of exec you could ask to help you get the hang of things?

    May 28, 2023

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