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  • So... I'm gonna be a big cousin again! My aunt is expecting a baby! She told the whole family after some of them found out when she posted the ultrasound pics on facebook (pregnancy brain - she forgot they followed her)

    My dad gave me a HUGE talk about not doing what I did when my mother was pregnant with my baby bro almost eight years back.

    Story time: I was twelve and SUPER excited because I loved babies and loved everything about babies. I ordered five what to expect books, talked to the baby through my mom's belly everyday, started knitting him toys and stuff.

    Then one day when my mom was 5 weeks pregnant, I had my grandma take to me to mall and came home with 650 dollars (my own money that saved from Christmas and birthdays) worth of baby clothes, hats, shoes (even designer ones).

    Mom was so touched she started crying, but dad was pissed since we already got the same day a delivery of hand-me downs from my mother's work friends.

    He was mad because all the clothes were cute baby girl clothes (you know the poofy dresses with tutus are so cute). I wanted a sister if it already wasn't obvious. We didn't know the gender yet and he was DEAD set on a baby boy (I mean he was surrounded by three women and greatly outnumbered, dreading shark week).

    Long story short, it was a boy and I had to return ALL the clothes minus the designer baby sneakers I bought which were unisex.

    So basically dad wanted me to not go crazy and spend my paychecks on baby clothes.

    Hope this story was great. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, work is KILLING ME.

    Remember that you are loved and wonderful just the way you are!

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