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  • Me too!!

  • BrooklynWriter
    Jul 18, 2011


  • IgnisandGlacialis
    Mar 3, 2011

    Your avvie. :D

  • Angela
    Feb 21, 2011

    Love your avvie!

  • EloquentDragon
    Feb 3, 2011

    Like your pic.

  • TabbyGirl
    Jan 30, 2011

    Sorry, this took me a while to get back to you...

    Thanks for the in-depth review :) and, the "ai" is pronounced in both their names like it is in rain. Just a long A sound.

    No, queen of the universe isn’t her title… but, she’s pretty much in charge… I'm afraid the Unbound came across as aliens or something in the prologue, but it's more complicated then that... eh, you’ll just have to read on… which, I hope you do, by the way… thanks, again!

  • Thanks for the final review, Jet! This, my friend, will be the last stalker message. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing... I'm not sure.

    Like always, your review's helped me out loads. I'm glad my sentence structure was better in this part. I've edited the piece a bit with your advice, but I'm not sure how much better it is. xD I seriously suck at editing. I've made Charlie a bit more self-deprecating, added in some more paranoia, and (tried) to have the climbing the wall thing make more sense. I'm not sure how it's worked out though, to be honest.

    Thanks for all of the help! ^^

  • Yup. Storylines always end up better when your eyes are gauged out.

  • Yup. I loathe emotional scenes. Blergh.

    Hehe, okiee. And woop! That's a good sign. xD Be sure to let me know when you get over your writer's block and need something reviewed. In fact, I'm going to force you out of writer's block until your eyeballs bleed, I think.

  • SisterItaly
    Jan 29, 2011

    Avvie win.

  • Your avvie kind of made my day.

    Sins It is beautiful.
    Jan 29, 2011

  • *Continues with her stalking.*

    Thanks for the fourth review, Jet! I'll try and keep this response short and sweet. You have a point with the whole people reacting differently to death thing. Reading over it, everyone does seem to react in the same way. Plus, I know Zoey's reaction's a bit weird. I'll have to see what I can do about that. xD

    Thanks again!

  • Jetpack
    Jan 29, 2011

    About 6 months into writers' block, if you can even call it that anymore. Even Ray Bradbury isn't inspiring me at this point. *hugs Fahrenheit 451 and hopes for the best*

    CreativeFreak Oh how I can relate. :PPP
    Jan 29, 2011

    Sins I despise writer's block. Absolutely loathe it.
    Jan 29, 2011

  • Stalking yourself is fun. :P

    Quite a few people leave YWS, then come back for a bit, then leave for a while again, then come back e.t.c. It's amusing. xD

    I'm lucky because I've been going to a Welsh school since I was about three, so the language came naturally to me. It's a real pain to learn when you're older. Hehe, the accent definitely balances out. It's funny because even I can't understand Welsh people sometimes. :P It's the people up north... They speak too fast!

  • Mwahahahaha! *Takes over wall* :twisted:

    You're good at reviewing novels. In fact, you might have gained yourself a stalker here that will hunt you down whenever a new chapter is posted. xD Besides, character development is a weird subject anyway, in short stories or novels.

    Ah, English... Such a peculiar language. Welsh is way more complicated though... it's horrible. There's this grammatical thing called treiglio, right? HOMG... It's fricking impossible. With all of the confusing Welshy rules in my mind, it messes up my knowledge of English ones.

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