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Hy thur! I'm Elly. I'm 14 and I'm happy. Everyone has issues, but I'm just better at showing them. I'm scared of water. If it's not a pool and I can't touch the bottom then I freak out. Um, I like giving kisses. Um, I <3 mommy. I </3 daddy. I don't like people touching me rudely or inappropriately. Um, I like to write and of course I want to sell a few books, but my dream job is a job in fashion (NOT RETAIL) or photography and I might just end up as a Fashion Photographer. Dude, that would be radical. Um, I love the mall. Um, I love Burgerville. And I love school. Those are my social places. Well, I guess thats it. toodloo!


Fashion Photography and modelling


8th grade student

A classic is a book which people praise and don't read.
— Mark Twain