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  • You guys. This book never ends. This was supposed to be my proofreading pass and I have at least five ideas for new sequences/scenes. All of this is good complexity for me to add, but I also thought I was more or less done when I got this back from the editor.


    It's moreso strengthening the stuff I flagged as not quite adding up and not realizing I had 3-5 pages of new stuff in me per sequence. I'll go back and proofread the new stuff and all that before I add it into the official copy, but I think was mostly scaring me is how everyone says "you're done when you decide you're done".

    I do think a lot of these current additions are icing on the cake stuff - readers last round GOT this story and got what it was about, and the additions are adding in where things were glossed over and they probably shouldn't have been. It's still a relatively slim book so I think this is all okay anyway while keeping up the strong pacing that past readers have mentioned, but, yeah.

    I think I'm going to book an audiobook recording trip in the near future so that I have a hard deadline by which I have to be done and move on. And the book will be what it will be. But with these changes it's going to be around 300-315 pages altogether, so... I feel like I have a real book.

    Which I know I also say every time but we are almost there. Leave me alone.

    Leya if anyone can do this, it's you! Can't wait to read the finished product <3
    Feb 13, 2024

    Carlito ~300 pages is a great length!!
    Feb 13, 2024

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