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  • Rosendorn
    Aug 5, 2009

    It was my honest pleasure. ^^ I very much enjoyed that poem, and I wanted to do it justice in my review.

  • Rosendorn
    Jun 29, 2009

    Haha, thanks for the reminder!

    Review is done. ^^

  • Rosendorn
    Apr 29, 2009

    xD It was a bit hard to tell with your line breaks. Usually if you want to put something apart, put A/N in italics. Or you can let people figure it out on their own.

    Feel free to ask! I look forward to it. ^_^

  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 18, 2009


    I flew off the cliff when I was three. Our house has a cliff beside the yard, right behind the basketball court so there's be extra exercise and an eco-walk for anyone who drops the ball. I was biking and my cousin who was also three at that time was pushing me. He got a little carried away and pushed me right over the cliff. I crashed into a tree somewhere below.

    I'd love to see the video sometime. Unfortunately I have the slowest internet at home so I wouldn't be able to see it 'til I get some faster action on the web.

    Oh and I don't really speak Latin. It was just an elective in first year that I took. It's quite helpful with all the scientific naming in biology. Also with vocabulary for English. Oh and I'm like one-fourth Spanish, but practically all Filipinos are. :lol:

    The CEP exams are like AP exams. I'll be taking the Physics, Chemistry and Math exams this May. My first day in college will be on June 15. It'll be in the capital of this city. It's 300 kilometres from where I grew up and it's such a crazy, big city. I'm rather frightened of the idea of going around it on my own. However the only good schools in this country are there, if I want my future to look pretty I must brave the nasty streets of the big city first.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your exams. I'm sure you can do this near impossible feat you speak of. Oh, my calculus teacher's exams are rather odd. He gives us quizzes in the classroom that stump us and drive us insane but his exams are often simple. He's always laughing at me when he gives the results out because I make a single mistake and it's always about simplifying the terms and that's basic math. I'm much too careless.

    My old high school is the University of Baguio Science High School. Baguio is the city I'm from. It's the coldest part of the country and on June I'm moving to the hottest part of the country. My mother refuses to buy me jackets now and is raiding the stores everywhere from sleeveless shirts and other clothes for hot weather.

    In the survival camp usually there's an obstacle course but it's over such a huge area and the heat is amazing. The obstacle course is all geared towards team building. You know, crawling through mud together and climbing up various inclines make you all friends after a while. We all sleep in tents for three nights and there's this thing called a [i:e82bd3c8e8]poso[/i:e82bd3c8e8]. It just pumps water from underground and that's where we all bathe, the boys have it harder, they have to carry pails of water to bathe, I think most of them go without it during camps though :lol: . We also cook our meals out in the wilderness. We have to go a long way to fetch water and we're not allowed to ask the boys to help us but a few of them are quite gentlemanly and persist in carrying our water for us. In the end the entire high school looks quite savage when we get home.

    You saw a fox while you were out running? Lovely wildlife. I don't think I've ever seen a fox before. Oh, I have but it was in a zoo.

    Well I'm an only girl and I have two older brothers who are complete bums. My eldest brother has been in 1st year college for 9 years, my other brother has been in 3rd year college for 3 years. They're quite the example of people who took it into their hearts to 'stay in school'. :(

    A normal day for me... Well, I haven't been doing much this summer but usually on Saturdays I hang out with my friends. We first raid the bookstores then pass by windows of various stores, clothes, gadgets etc. and talk about the things we'd want to buy but can't since we don't have money. We'll see a movie, play some games in the arcade, and laugh aloud at various things. The boys who are with us, if there are any, will bring us to where we ride the jeep (public transpo) home. When I get home, I either read, write or surf the net. I hardly watch TV anymore.

    Quite a boring life I lead. School was much more exciting.

    Oh and about the whole phone number thing, I had the weirdest day at the mall. 'Tis too much to have 3 random men approach you in a span of 3 hours. I went to the mall and went straight to the bookstore, I was looking at some books for a while then a man approached me and asked if I was eighteen. I said no then he asked if I was 16 or 17 then I told him I was 15. He said,'oh, well I head a talent agency and I'd like one of my scouts to talk to you, would you like to be a model?' I was a too surprised to answer and he said, 'can I get your phone number so I could get someone to get in touch with you?'. I said that I'd rather not be a model. So I went back to book hunting and suddenly another dude approached me and asked me for donations for an anti-drug program. I told him I didn't have any money. He looked quite angry and walked away. I decided that I didn't want to stay in the bookstore anymore so I went out and while I was walking I got scared because some guy seemed to be following me after a while he walked beside me and asked for my number. I panicked and practically ran from him. Now, why am I telling you all this? I don't know, it was just a different day. Sorry if I'm boring you.

    Hmm... I hate racism. Or any type of discrimination for that matter. Too much pride would be something I don't like in people. Confidence is grand but too much makes a person quite ugly. Hmm... I'm finding it hard to think of things that I dislike at the moment. I don't like war. Especially war began only on impulse. It's too foolish. Er... what else? I've no idea at the moment. Oh, closed-minded people. I get into arguments with them. Healthy arguments though because it makes me use my head but it's quite frustrating to converse with a closed-minded person at times.

    Important in my life? Well I'd like to believe that I try my best to achieve success. it's much easier to help others when you've got more to give. I know that I can help anyone, anytime, even now, but I can make a larger impact when I've reached somewhere. However, I don't strive to do my best. I'm quite lazy but I do know my priorities. My priority is to do all the best I can in school because my parents are too old now to keep working. If only my brothers graduate... but that's a rather hopeless hope.

    It doesn't strike me as a boy asking for a girl's number. If it did I would do exactly as I did at the mall, run. :shock: Here's my e-mail address PM.

    Indeed, carpe diem. Oh and I don't think I'll grow tired of conversing with you. I've hardly ever had such great conversation, honestly. I'm afraid that I might bore you actually.

    oh and if I suddenly lapse in conversation next week, do forgive me. I'm going to an island to the west of this country and I fear there will be no internet there.

    Fare ye well, comrade.

    This is a passage from the bible I think but I read it from one of my favorite short stories by a Filipina writer, Freda Jayme. It's a beautiful line.

    'Into the arid and empty spaces of my heart you came and my life was like a watered garden.'


  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 14, 2009

    I echo your wish. I wish I could meet you as well. We can marvel over blackholes together.

    Teleology. Entropy. I have heard of this in my Physics classes. The law of entropy is the second law of thermodynamics, right? I recall my physics teacher saying something else about it though. Something about the universe being a result of continuous random reactions. I don't really remember it at the moment.

    A sinking car? I'll counter that with an experience. I flew off a cliff on a bicyle once. I've got nothing to counter what was in the backseat with you, though. Odd company. I see you've had your own share of life's pleasures (or pain.)

    Interesting. Your last line in your paragraph is almsot exactly like what I tell people when they're down. Let me quote you: "We live in a beautiful world, one merely must have an open heart and accepting mind to see it. "

    I say it in the Filipino language like this: Maganda ang Mundo, hindi lang halata. It translates literally into, The World is Beautiful but it isn't always obviously beautiful.

    There's something called CEP exams in the college I'm applying to. You take an exam in a specific subject so you don't have to take the subject in your freshman year. I plan to take an exam for math, chemistry and physics.

    We have an Interact club in school as well. A friend of mine is president. There were some speech competitions sponsored by the club that I joined last year.

    I took calculus last year. I believe we only got an introduction though. I prefer calculus over algebra but my favorite math would have to be geometry both solid and plane.

    You are quite amazing. There's so many things you have going on. And I don't think the last thing you do is pathetic. It's commendable, actually.

    Now, on various community service activities. Our school has two camps each year. One is called the survival camp while the other is called an immersion camp. The survival camp is designed to give us hell. The immersion camp is designed for us to immerse ourselves in the poorer society in our country. Both camps have outreach activities for the communities near our campsites.

    We visited an elementary school last year and since I was part of the student council I was given a class to entertain. I never realized kids had so much energy. All we did was run around in the school grounds playing tag. I felt like an old lady. I was lying on the ground completely exhausted and all the kids were still running around with such energy.

    You must have heard of some Filipino workers where you are. Many filipinos go abroad to seek for greener pastures. One of the kids I was playing with began to cry and when I asked her what was wrong she said that she missed her father who was working in Saudi Arabia. It was a sad moment amidst the happiness in the school grounds but rather like being shaken and seeing what reality is for some people.

    Oh, the college lecture on anti-matter with only four people, hmm... I suppose not many appreciate the mysteries of anti-matter. Wish I was there to occupy one of the lonely 796 seats left.

    I learned Latin in first year high school. Let me then intoduce myself to you: Meus Nomen Nicole est. However, people usually call me Nixie.

    Angel isn't my name and I don't believe it would fit anyway. I just have a partiality to angels. I'd love to have wings someday. Hmm... now what is your name, dear sir?

    Hmm... forgive me if I jump through topics so suddenly. I reread this post and noticed that I sound like a person with a 2 second attention span.

    and when all the world crumbles and your world lies in waste, make it your reason to win over Fate


  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 11, 2009

    Economics is rather like physics for me. I believe it's why I like both. You see how connected the world is. In economics by endless cycles in supply and demand, in physics by atomic structures and various forces. I take comfort in thinking that everything in the world is connected to one another. It makes you appreciate the importance of everything, no matter how huge or minute the things may be.

    Have you read Lemony Snicket's books? They're for children but there was one part of it that spoke about things being intertwined in our world that caught my attention. He said that the world was a pool of water. Every move we make causes a ripple in the water and little by little that move passes throughout the pool, affecting all parts of it.

    Okay, that was a rather random rant.

    Now, on physics... Astronomy is my first love, literature my second.:) I've always wanted to be an astrophysicist. It got me interested in the concepts of blackholes, light, anti-matter and all those quirky astronomical things. I read about quantum physics from some of the resource material written by Stephen Hawking. He amazes me. He didn't let his disability interfere with his life.

    Quantum physics is fascinating because it pretty much dissolves the laws of motion. I read somewhere that there are two particles, wherein when one is moved in one direction, the other moves in the opposite direction, without a force acting upon it. Or at least, not any of the known forces acting upon it. It's rather sad though, don't you think? Partnered particles, but they move in opposite directions. I'm glad I can exclaim over sub-atomic particles to someone. :lol:

    When I was in High School (I got out of it last March), I was in the Debate Varsity. I got pretty good in extemporaneous speaking and made it up to the nationals of a competition. Debate I was OK in the city-wide level but the national class debaters speak too quickly for my poor mind. I was in the school paper as well. I was in the student body and the volleyball varsity. Hmm... Mostly my extra-curricular activities were speaking stuff.

    I began to write because I didn't like the endings of some of the books I read. I started out with fan-fiction, I guess. I wrote Harry Potter fan-fiction. :oops: It turned out quite bad so I decided to make my own story. In the fifth grade I wrote a poem and haven't stopped writing poetry since I began. I wrote when I was younger to amuse myself. Now I write to unload my burdened head and heart. At times it is the only means of expression.

    An interesting something about me? Hmm... I have no idea what to say. I have the worst stage fright before I speak (in extemporaneous speech contests), the room whirls, I wring my hands in despair and I cannot think clearly but the fear vanishes when I begin to speak. Is that still stage fright then or just normal nervousness before a speech?

    I want to minor in Physics in college and also minor in European studies. I know, rather unrelated to Economics and to each other but one must pursue his or her passions or else face life's winters without a flame.

    As to your theory, are your objects also here on Earth or are they to be found only in Space? oh and you said that their mass would increase infinitely. Wouldn't their mass decrease while their energy would increase infinitely?

    Oh my, I fear I might be boring you. This is a long post. However, I feel that I have earned the right to ask you some questions as well.:) I think they're mostly an echo of what you asked me though.

    Interesting something about you? If you plan to go into biomedical engineering, have you any goals then of devicing a cure for this or that disease? How's your school life like and what are you in to?

    I'm curious as well.

    All glory to starshine, all grandure is thine.


  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 9, 2009

    UCLA is a wonderful school. My aunt teaches there, I believe. She's in special education or something like that.

    I'll apply to any international scholarships I find. Usually there are a lot of Singapore scholarships available. Some of the universities there are in the top 30 list in the World so it would be great to get in there. My preference though would be somewhere in the United States and preferably in California because I have relatives there. UCLA? Perhaps I shall meet you in person someday? Fate draws John Donne and Victor Hugo readers together.

    I'm majoring in Economics. How about you? Do you plan to study Literature or have you another passion which you wish to pursue?

    I feel obliged to end with a beautiful line as well. Would you take something from Victor Hugo?

    There are times when, no matter the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees.

    May your soul and your body have great posture.

    Good luck, comrade.


  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 2, 2009

    wait. I just noticed your favorite author is Victor Hugo. I must exclaim over it.





  • KnightlyAngel09
    Apr 2, 2009

    Hey.:) Thanks for the friend add thingy.:)

    Yeah. Well, I'm from the Philippines so I applied to the top universities here. Luckily I got in. Although education in this country isn't all that great so next year I'm planning to apply to international student scholarships in other countries.

    I plan to study in Ateneo De Manila. Er... one of the Universities here. I'm going there on June. Still 16 though. Normal age for college students in this country is 16-17.:) Where are you planning to apply?

  • PaperMoon
    Apr 2, 2009




  • Rosendorn
    Mar 28, 2009


  • Rosendorn
    Mar 18, 2009

    First guestbook signing!

    And a little tip: When you want to answer somebody who's posted in your guestbook, post in their guestbook. It makes conversations easier to track.


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