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    My monthly musing chapbook draft has around 44 out of 48 poems right now (exciting!) - the month that is mysteriously missing? december! my birth-month! I have almost a dozen poems about august though - some months just lend themselves more to poetry I guess. :) So you might be getting some wintry poems on my wall? Stay tuned ~

    the hardest month to write about is december

    i have a horrible habit of leaving books unfinished,
    i act like this is unintentional
    as the mountain of endings litter my shelves
    until every magazine, cookbook, wish-list & diary-entry
    becomes dog-eared,
    but the truth is i have always been this way
    i hate to see things through –
    because the unknowing somehow seems safer than the alternatives
    & so i will write you a thousand poems about august,
    until the ink runs dry, & every hour recorded,
    & i will tell you stories of may, while the harvest-fields flood,
    & let november sing all year long about her leaves,
    but i never know what to say about december,
    & i'll pretend she doesn't exist until
    the snow is gone -
    & the earth has spun,
    & the sun has returned,
    once more.

  • monthly musings #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets #recycling

    august was already gone before july told you she was leaving

    august's last breath leaves fireflies dancing across my skin; boasting their impermanence with a flash of light - as if to say, they know, i'm always falling in love with fireworks, & dandelion feathers, & always leaving myself in these ghost-steps; a pace-away every day, until i can not see the sky; until i've left before they're already gone.

    one day i suppose, i will latch my bones to something more rooted down than all this driftwood - but for now,
    it is summer - and i am afraid, i'm only here today with the fireflies, and gone tomorrow with the sand that stirs away from the ocean tide.


“Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.”
— Dylan Thomas