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  • I am in an a m a z i n g mood right now so you know what?? It's time for #fivereasonstosmile !

    1) My AP test today (2 out of 3 done) went great! It had 3 essays so it was a lot of writing and I was worried that my hand would hurt by the end of it, but it doesn't and I feel really good about it! I'm totally coasting off that feeling of success right now.
    2) The weather was wonderful and I felt like staying out in my school's neighborhood for lunch instead of heading back home, so I tried out this cafe/chocolate shop that I've been meaning to visit. BEST decision ever. I got a chilled 72% chocolate drink and my brain short-circuited when I had the first sip because I was in disbelief that it was so good. I'm going to have some theater rehearsals nearby after school starting next week and I think this would be a great spot to hang out at before I need to leave for them!
    3) The cafe also sells chocolates and truffles and it's my dad's birthday today, so I picked out a box for him. The barista told me that my first chocolate was free, so I also got to try one for myself!
    4) I got new shoes yesterday that I really like and someone I passed on the street complimented them, so I'm very happy with them :)
    5) My LMS is still going strong! I'm now at 18 chapters and 70k words, which is really satisfying for a project where I had the concept for so long but never really found a way to work on it until LMS. I'm hopeful for LMS and finishing the novel after the competition's done!

    If anyone feels like doing this too consider this an invitation and a tag! :)

    Spearmint great job on the AP test!! also omg, that cafe/chocolate shop sounds amazing 0.0
    May 9, 2023

  • #5ReasonsToSmile #FiveReasonsToSmile because I haven't been feeling super smiley lately!

    1. A relatively new friend and I bought matching pop-sockets the other night - they're half blue and half yellow, which is perfect, because his phone case is yellow and mine is blue! It makes a surprisingly satisfying fidget toy, as well.

    2. Becoming friends with aforementioned person has honestly been quite rewarding in general. We groove in a way that I don't usually with people I've only just met, and I don't even find myself particularly exhausted after hanging out with him.

    3. I've started teaching art to kiddos a few more nights a week and I really love it. I mean, they can be so friggin' exhausting, and some of them are full-fledged demons, but the sweet ones make it worth it. Also a colleague who is much older than me and who I respect a lot pulled me aside the other night and was like "you do a spectacular job managing and teaching a group of preschool kids that big, especially for your age. If it appeals to you at all I think you should consider going into teaching; you're very talented!" which was very flattering positive feedback to receive.

    4. I had chocolate pudding for breakfast this morning!

    5. I was hanging out at a park last weekend with some friends and got some lovely photos of all of us having fun - I look genuinely happy in them!

  • #fivereasonstosmile because it's been a hot second since i last did this tag.

    1. recently decided on d&d characters for some upcoming campaigns and i'm pumped!! i'll be playing matthew lynch from the raven cycle/dreamer trilogy in one of them, phil from the last dimension in another, and an old oc of mine (asteri, if anyone remembers that demon boy) in a third one. very excited to be each one of them!
    2. just finished grading a terrifying amount of tests. these are the last classwide tests i'll have to grade, since anything after this point and before my student teaching ends will just be test retakes or makeups, probably.
    3. got some inspiration for #DaimonWIP at that open mic! and also in the shower this morning, which is arguably one of the best places for getting ideas.
    4. found a great romper that won't give me serious gender dysphoria for my graduation and a wedding i'm going to this summer. <33
    5. speaking of gender dysphoria: recently accepted that i really am nonbinary and holy shoot it's been so uplifting! even when i have things like dysphoria, now, i can be like "oh so THAT'S why my body hates this" instead of just wishing i was born different.

  • Made the mistake of reading the newspaper--frickin' depressing lol. SO we do a lil' mental self-care cuz the world's not all sucky

    1) there's three bluejays hanging out in the front yard and they're cracking me up XD
    2) been working with a therapist for a couple months, really like her, and while it's definitely tough work sometimes, it feels good to be making that progress
    3) I've gone out early a couple mornings in a row now to do a little work in the garden. ABSOLUTELY the best time to be in a garden, one of the most peaceful feelings ever
    4) on a similar note, my sister is making huge steps in her own life and mental health. She's going through something really tough, had to make a really hard decision, but she's almost so much more hopefull and like herself than she has been in years. It's really good to see her that strong
    5) being out of school is so awesome. I've been spending so much time creating my tea/herb garden (which is looking so great now that plants are budding! ^-^), going out to do stuff with people, diving into my own interests. It's so freeing

  • #fivereasonstosmile because I've cried four times in the last two days
    1. my fantasy cosplay is almost complete, and the last piece should arrive tomorrow (I'm becoming the main character yall)
    2. my gf <3
    3. joint pain is finally easing a bit
    4. got 100% on a practice reading comprehension quiz that I thought I'd only done meh on
    5. weather is slowly warming up (connected to reason 1 and 2: soon it'll be warm enough for my gf and I to do another fantasy photoshoot)

  • #socialmonth #fivereasonstosmile
    1: I’m getting light sensitivity glasses-no more headaches!
    2: I don’t sit next to mean girl anymore
    3: I’m reading lots of good books
    4: I love my teacher this year
    5: we’re almost done with health!

  • #fivereasonstosmile
    1 getting close to completing a year of college
    2 my aid should cover the program I need for dream job
    3 I'm getting better with children in case I have to teach lower grades for a while
    4 it's kinda getting easier to pretend I agree with people when I don't, and that makes my important disagreements stand out and get taken more seriously (mixed feelings but some days it's better to avoid the arguments and walk away)
    5 I got converse shoes :3

  • Five reasons to smile:

    1 spicy sweet potato chips

    2 pizza Wednesday

    3 I see my aunt Wednesday (the likeable one)

    4 I renewed my FAFSA and the government says 'u go gem do college next year we will allow it'

    5 I can do my hw in bed ^^

    gremlingeodes #fivereasonstosmile
    Oct 24, 2022

  • hhhhhhhhhh
    #fivereasonstosmile because it's been a hard week and I feel like my wall has been nothing but negativity for a while
    1. It's finally getting cooler and while that means my circulation is acting up, at least I'm not sweating to death
    2. I have a job that I love (most of the time) that gives me the money to buy cool cosplay stuff
    3. Cool cosplay stuff
    4. Cool friend to cosplay with and all my other friends in general, especially the ones who patiently let me have a meltdown about stupid things in the middle of the night and then don't hold it against me when I realize in the morning that I made a bigger deal out of it than I needed to
    5. Getting back into crochet and making myself some really cute things

  • #fivereasonstosmile

    1. A few of the people from my online summer school course made a group chat and we're going to meet up on the weekend (wander around a park, eat ice cream) and I'm really looking forward to it!

    2. A friend gifted me a pronoun pin, and while I haven't been brave enough to wear it out in public yet, it's strangely comforting to know it's waiting for me on my dresser for when I'm ready for it.

    3. Me and a close friend impulsively decided to spend the night together last night because we were both bored. We watched In the Tall Grass, made fun of the characters, wandered around his neighbourhood, made a bonfire, roasted marshmallows, and looked at the stars. It was a lot of fun :') I'm not very good at just deciding to do stuff with no planning in advance, either, but I might have to start doing it more often! >.>

    4. I recently discovered a sitcom called Community on Netflix and have been binge watching it. It's always so satisfying when you find a new show you like. :3

    5. I've been doing a bit of yoga the past couple of days because my neck and shoulders have been t i g h t and it feels really good :)

    Hijinks also I acquired a Hat from the thrift store a couple of days ago and I think it's officially my favourite element of my wardrobe !!
    Aug 1, 2022

    Stringbean Ohhhh yoga, I've been wanting to try that for awhile. Any tips for how to learn?
    Aug 1, 2022

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  • #fivereasonstosmile

    I have music. At my fingertips.

    Four of my irl friends I still have contact with out of the five still respond to my messages if a little late. Which is a pick me up sometimes. I may not be their priority but I am still someone who they will associate with. Two of my friends are pretty good with responding and one out of the two is extremely reliable and one of my oldest friends. <3

    I just felt like getting up and cleaning the dishes and I did. I did my aunt's dishes because I felt like it? Though I did not have the stamina for big pots. Lol isn't that crazy?!

    I feel like getting back into my work out schedule!!! Now if I don't I'm going to be really upset about it and feel bad about myself because I promised myself I would pursue this.

    I am downloading a scary game! I am so excited! I can't wait to scare myself and entertain my brother with my fear! XD

    NewHope Oh… this is a great list. May I ask what game it is?
    Jul 31, 2022

    gremlingeodes I currently am at my aunt's and away from my gaming system but when I can I will tell you! Thank you!
    Jul 31, 2022

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  • Haven't been tagged, but I'll participate in #fivereasonstosmile

    1. I had a pretty epic dream last night (part of it had me square-dancing with Guy)

    2. I got a yellow comforter yesterday and it's soft. Super soft.

    3. Minecraft peaceful mode exists and I like it (even though I got lost last night and can't find my house. See, if it were acacia, I could find that orange landmark anywhere.)

    4. I have some pretty flowers.

    5. My Kitty.

    gremlingeodes <33333
    Jul 31, 2022

  • #fivereasonstosmile

    Focusing too much on the annoying negatives rn, so here's my five positives ;-; (I love this hashtag, thank you all you amazing people who keep resurfacing it <33)

    1. Oh, and I guess that works as number one XD
    2. Minecraft is my coping mechanism for stress this week and my sibs and friend and I has an amazing little colony going c:
    3. b a b y is comingggg soooooon, I can't wait
    4. Me and my sisters went out for lunch a few days ago and the food was great and we ate outside in a really pretty garden spot on campus and had a good time
    5. My editing internship prof is impressed with my copyediting, yay XD

    akdhfk I already feel better, wow c:
    Tagging everyone who needs a little mood boost <33

  • #fivereasonstosmile

    1. i found a word to describe my funky feelings towards my gender and gender expression! maybe i'll ultimately realize butch is a better word for me, but i'm vibing with genderqueer right now.
    2. i found a really beautiful harlivy avatar over on tumblr, and i'm very excited about using it everywhere i'm Magebird/magebirdi online.
    3. i got my hands on a new cute mutants book right after i was going through cute mutants withdrawal and had desperately been rereading a previous book to get my cute mutants fix in.
    4. i'm finally home and able to relax now.
    5. i'm calling my friends this afternoon and doing some streaming later on! i'm both terrified and excited for the hunger games we're supposedly playing.

  • Was tagged by @Spearmint, so here we go :D


    1. Ria Hall's album 'Manawa Wera' is really good.
    2. My planner is over 1.5 years old! Still going strong.
    3. I thought switching from using pens to pencils for some things would be difficult, but actually it wasn't. There is security in impermanence, especially when you are writing down robot secrets <.< (no but the real reason is that pencils don't leave behind so many parts I have to throw away, especially compared to refills hah)
    4. I get to watch clouds every morning, and they are very fluffy or otherwise aesthetically pleasing.
    5. I enjoy reading my own poetry and I think that's a blessing because sometimes I want to read a certain kind of poem and no one's written it and this way I can just write it myself :D

    Tagging whoever who sees this and thinks it'll be fun to do!

    Spearmint :D Clouds are wonderful ^^ and yess to writing your own poetry cravings! <3
    Jul 31, 2022

    Liminality :D <3! Clouds are terrific~
    Jul 31, 2022

  • #fivereasonstosmile C:

    1. YWS. Literally my favorite place on the Internet :') You all are wonderful <3

    2. Related to above, but-- roleplaying!! YWS roleplays are an absolute blast :DD I am so happy I've gotten to spend time with you awesome roleplayers <333 and here's to many more chaotic shenanigans to come! >:D

    3. I'm TAing at a summer camp/math academy thing, and the fifth grader kids are just so bright and creative ahh :D The teacher joked that one of the girls was like a little leech because she was hanging around me all the time, and just-- xD she's really sweet :]

    4. I had a lemon square today and it was delicious ^-^

    5. Can I just cram a bunch of stuff here to make up for the times I missed this tag before? >.> =P Okay, here I go-- my family, good music, fresh fruit, summer, origami, coding, Spanish music, oh, and did I mention YWS and its fabulous roleplayers? :3

    Tagging said roleplayers: @WeepingWisteria, @HarryHardy, @winterwolf0100, @Omni, @SilverNight, @Liminality, @soundofmind, @Teddybear, @atlast, @AceassinOfTheMoon, @Magebird, & anyone else my tired brain can't think of right now :] <333

    WeepingWisteria <333 You’re amazing too, Mint!!!
    Jul 29, 2022

    Teddybear <3
    Jul 29, 2022

  • i haven't posted on my wall in a bit more than 3 months, SO HERE IS #fivereasonstosmile :D

    1. i was volunteering at a theatre camp, and one of the girls there, who was about 14 or something, stopped me and told me that i was really pretty, and that !!! just made my entire life :")

    3. i made and gave a card to my master teacher (from the science research program thingy i attended) AND SHE STARTED CRYING and obviously i don't want to make people cry, but it made me cry when she started crying, so it was just a sweet moment haha xD AND ON THE LAST DAY SHE HUGGED ME and wished me a great senior year, and i miss her :')


    5. i was given permission to continue my research (that i started during the science program that has now ended) at ___ University, AND I'M SO EXCITED AND HAPPY BECAUSE I LOVE WHAT I'M RESEARCHING and i'm so excited to where this could lead to !! :')) AND I LOVE SCIENCE OH MY GOSH

    9. ALL THE PEOPLE ON YWS ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE this community is just <33 TOO BEAUTIFUL GMO i hope all of yws has a beautiful day / night

    17. i joined my school's cross country team on a whim and wow i kind of love running

    and for some random stuff ~

    Spoiler! :
    i lost a friend this summer. i knew it was coming - she was old and had a lot of health problems, but it was unexpected because it seemed like she was just finally getting better. i've been going to her house almost every friday after school for 7 years, and we'd talk and play piano together and she'd usually have the fireplace going, and it always felt so cozy and comfortable with her. i just have such huge regrets because of our last conversation together. it was on the phone, and phone calls always make me feel nervous and flustered. but it was all good at first, we were talking, it was a nice convo, and we were about to hang up, but right before it ended, she told me that she loved me!! and she's a bit more reserved with her emotions, and i've known her for 7 years and she never told that, so i was really shocked and surprised! and really happy, but more shocked! and in my nervousness, i told her "thank you." 0_0 she told me she loved me and i didn't say it back. i said thank you. and that was our last conversation together. ahh i just have so many regrets, because i didn't mean to say thank you, i was just so surprised, and it was a phone call, and that's all i could think of to say. i wish i could redo that phone call. and i miss her.

    ALSO TOTALLY DIFFERENT TOPIC BUT how do i tell my parents i don't think i want to be a doctor? i've been avoiding this conversation for sooo long, i keep meaning to do it but never do, and i really need to make it happen, because my parents are looking at colleges with this program thingy in mind, so i should tell them soon so i don't waste their time. but i honestly don't know how. literally some of my earliest memories of my mother from when i was super young are just her praying that i'd be a good doctor when i grow up. for my whole life, she's been praying for that and telling me how she can't wait for me to become a doctor and go farther than my father and she did. it's all i can remember, but now that i'm older, i don't think that's what i want to do. but since my parents so desperately want that for me, i really, really don't want to disappoint them, and i don't know how to have that conversation. I WILL DO IT SOON BC I HAVE TO but ahhhHHH. my older sister is studying to become one right now and my little brother genuinely wants to be one too, so i really don't want to disappoint my parents >.> i don't really know what i want to do. but i don't think it's being a doctor. BUT MY PARENTS WANT IT SO BAD asdjfkl

    also i have a bajillion mosquito bites, 8 on just my ankles and they are on fire.

    thanks for reading omg <3 hope you're well <3

    Stringbean <3333
    Jul 29, 2022

    Spearmint ahh those are some wonderful reasons to smile!! :D (narwhal stuffed animal yess ^-^)

    Spoiler! :
    i'm sorry for your loss ;-; <3 if it helps, I'm sure she knew that you loved her... even if you didn't say the words, your actions and the time you spent with your friend would've made it clear <33

    i have no advice for that :') but go starr! cheering you on :] follow your beautiful starry dreams!!


    Jul 29, 2022

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  • Lol I seem so moody and I guess I am, but I enjoy so much in life.

    My #fivereasonstosmile today are

    I have new glasses on the way

    Music ❤

    My grandmas cooking

    My brother Bucky (caseydiamond)

    And you guys ❤

    Stringbean hehe <3
    Jun 13, 2022

    gremlingeodes <3333³3
    Jun 13, 2022

  • Needing some positive vibes, so let's do #FiveReasonsToSmile

    1) I'm doing an editing internship with my favorite professor this summer. Not looking forward to the next article I need to copyedit lol, but the internship itself is great and I'm really glad I get to do it. I'm helping edit a real book that'll be published this year ^-^
    2) I've been trying to create a peaceful little garden retreat in the corner of our yard since last year, and this week I've finally gotten to the point where I've been able to start getting plants in. It doesn't look like much yet, but it's coming along and I'm excited hehe
    3) s u m m e r. I can't wait to get my paddleboard out again
    4) (girl stuff ig XD)
    Spoiler! :
    Bras. I hate them. Except this one I just bought that actually isn't annoying, but also I've got like three alternatives now so most of the time I don't even have to wear one >:D

    5) It's time to start thinking about planning my sister's baby shower, which, yes, is a lot of work and I'm already really busy, but it's also really exciting and I can't wait for everyone to get together for her ^-^

    NewHope Yay! This all sounds wonderful!
    Jun 2, 2022

  • I could use some reasons to smile at the moment, so I figured now's as good a time as any to jump onto the #fivereasonstosmile bandwagon!

    1) I hung out with a couple of friends at one of their houses on the weekend, which is the first time I've done that since the start of the pandemic. It was a blast, and I'm really grateful for having such wonderful friends who I can just vibe with :')

    2) I'm getting some more ear piercings sometime this month - an upper lobe piercing on both ears and a helix piercing on one - which I've been wanting to do for a while now, and I'm super excited!

    3) I'm having a sleepover at my sister's over March break! I haven't seen her for several months so I can't wait to see her again. We always end up being absolute goofs at sleepovers and they always devolve into utter chaos :3 which is not something I'd ever say no to.

    4) It's, dare I say, almost April <.< which means it's almost...NaPo >.> and if that isn't a fabulous reason to smile, I don't know what is.

    5) I found a necklace buried in my top drawer a couple weeks ago, just a simple gold chain, that I adore and have been wearing non-stop. It's really versatile, and just such a snazzy ~vibe~.

    Tagging anybody who needs some smiley vibes! Or if that's not really something that you'd necessarily find helpful/productive for where you're at, you can also use the #fivehonestthings hashtag where you just share any five things you'd like to share, that don't need to be happy. <3

  • #fivereasonstosmile

    1. I am free to take myself out on an excursion to the kitchen for some marvelous wonderous coffee in a minute.

    2. Hanging out with @trinitypoeting and @sylrie

    3. knowing that @Elfboy , @seirre , and @LadyMysterio inhabit the same planet as me.

    4. @mythh came back <3

    5. musiccccccccccccccc can i get a heck yeahhhh!!!!

    im going to try to do a tag similar to this to name a good thing everyday as an exercise to help my unsteady mental health so that might even be a sixth reason to smile?

    Quillfeather <33333333
    Mar 1, 2022

    gremlingeodes <33333333333
    Mar 1, 2022

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  • #fivereasonstosmile I've been tagged for this at least a couple times now, but I'm slow to respond >.>

    1) My sister's having a babyyyyyy, she sent me pictures of her first ultrasounds yesterday :') My mom's getting excited for her first grandchild and it's really nice to see her having something to look forward to, she's usually pretty stressed
    2) It's slowly warming up, it's almost spring, I just have a couple more classes to go to and then I'm on break and can devote myself to p l a n t s and b o o k s and t e a and my people <3
    3) Seriously, I'm ready for plants. I got some new houseplants recently, repotted some others, have a few cuttings rooting, my seeds and starter pots are ready to go, and I'm just kind of sitting in my room every morning loving the ambiance of my plants in the windows, the drizzly morning sunlight, my humidifyer going softly and cats curled up on my bed ^-^
    4) I finally started seeing a therapist and I really like her. It's not nearly as scary as I thought it'd be and I actually look forward to going. My mental has gotten lot better and I've figured out how to handle depression, so it isn't nearly the problem it was being before
    5) I'm super close to graduating. Just four. more. classes!

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