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  • Here's a new #monthlymusings poem ~ (it's actually a sort of recycled version of a previous october poem I wrote, but it has a new shiny gif and a new shiny song-version!) I've written songs for several of my month-personifications, but usually by the time I'm ready to share them, we're months past their intended time frame. Hope you enjoy! #alliyahpoets

    october: song link


    Spoiler! :
    lyrical version:
    october sweeps up all her loose-ends,
    she will find every stray acorn, and
    every leaf that is fallen from a tree, and
    every unsung harvest-song she will sing along.
    and if you visit her, you will never go
    because october won't let you go.

    she has everything she thinks that she will need
    to help her make it through the winter...
    she's collecting leaves til they form mountains
    and cover up the sky, she's unhindered by -
    the lack of space, in fact she'll say that,
    "a heart can stretch anyway."

    october sweeps up all her loose-ends,
    she will find every stray acorn, and
    every leaf that is fallen from a tree, and
    every unsung harvest-song she will sing along.
    and if you visit her, you will never go
    because october hates to let go.

    she told me this year, her survival strategy
    is more about gathering than living
    there's an unbothered ease to storing everything
    yes, every thing.

    october sweeps up all her loose-ends,
    she will find every stray acorn, and
    every leaf that is fallen from a tree, and
    every unsung harvest-song she will sing along.
    and if you visit her, you will never go
    because october tends to not let go.

    song link

  • ~ #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets

    Autumn is pushing into my home before I have a chance to tell her she's early, and the sun hasn't arrived yet and won't for several hours. She does not care. She has laid out her collection of dried flowers, and acorns, and chirping crickets in an uneven row across my doormat and asks where I would like her to leave her storm-songs? I tell her I am not interested in buying anything today, not a girl-scout cookie, not a popcorn-ball, not a hurricane, and no I'm not nostalgic enough to start a fire or to turn on the heat in my apartment before October. She doesn't take no for an answer though. And against my better judgement, we are soon conversing like the old-friends we are, willing to overlook the mess, and overly comfortable with each-other's bad habits because we share them. With legs folded in on couch cushions, and mugs of tea at our palms, we will gossip into the moonlight-hours about the way Winter is always flirting with the trees, telling stories about how the Summer's been long and scarce, how we're scared of how fast time seems to move and take and take and take and how we're both ready for a season of hoarding everything we can hold.

    BluesClues oh I love this <3
    Sep 16, 2023

    Dossereana this is so beautiful!
    Sep 16, 2023

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  • monthly musings #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets #recycling

    My monthly musing chapbook draft has around 44 out of 48 poems right now (exciting!) - the month that is mysteriously missing? december! my birth-month! I have almost a dozen poems about august though - some months just lend themselves more to poetry I guess. :) So you might be getting some wintry poems on my wall? Stay tuned ~

    the hardest month to write about is december

    i have a horrible habit of leaving books unfinished,
    i act like this is unintentional
    as the mountain of endings litter my shelves
    until every magazine, cookbook, wish-list & diary-entry
    becomes dog-eared,
    but the truth is i have always been this way
    i hate to see things through –
    because the unknowing somehow seems safer than the alternatives
    & so i will write you a thousand poems about august,
    until the ink runs dry, & every hour recorded,
    & i will tell you stories of may, while the harvest-fields flood,
    & let november sing all year long about her leaves,
    but i never know what to say about december,
    & i'll pretend she doesn't exist until
    the snow is gone -
    & the earth has spun,
    & the sun has returned,
    once more.

  • monthly musings #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets #recycling

    august was already gone before july told you she was leaving

    august's last breath leaves fireflies dancing across my skin; boasting their impermanence with a flash of light - as if to say, they know, i'm always falling in love with fireworks, & dandelion feathers, & always leaving myself in these ghost-steps; a pace-away every day, until i can not see the sky; until i've left before they're already gone.

    one day i suppose, i will latch my bones to something more rooted down than all this driftwood - but for now,
    it is summer - and i am afraid, i'm only here today with the fireflies, and gone tomorrow with the sand that stirs away from the ocean tide.


  • old poetry + new poetry #monthlymusings

    july is careening off the severed edge of the summer
    and i haven't had a chance to tell her what i really meant
    when i said that "maybe one day, we could fly"
    i'm worried she may have believed me -
    but i'm more worried that i don't believe myself.

    july has been so filled up with wildfire smoke
    that i think i've forgotten what the sky looks like,
    and so have grown accustomed to searching the ground
    for fallen stars, and hoping that the birds don't forget
    how to sing - because sometimes when you hold your breath
    too long your lungs become used to being hollow
    and your ribs become gills, and your dreams become fish.

    july keeps making excuses for the weather -
    that tomorrow will be brighter, that the heat is only in the air,
    that the rain could be worse, or the wind more bitter,
    but i really don't mind. all i want is to hold the sun
    long enough for these flowers to bloom,
    and the flood-lands to dry, if only
    the sky could let me hold the sun
    long enough to remember what fire feels like.

    alliyah ~ #alliyahpoets
    Jul 14, 2023

    Stringbean love this <3
    Jul 14, 2023

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  • Merry Christmas Eve, YWS! Here's a poem I wrote this morning. #alliyahpoets #writingpoetry
    "The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us ... and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the Father" - John 1:14


    hope everyone who celebrates experiences Christ's light and joy. Christmas always feels a little bittersweet for me since I do not get to celebrate it with my family, and very much wish I could, but I know I'm not alone and it is truly okay if Christmas is not ~holly jolly / excessively merry ~ because the true joy of Christ is something different than happiness amidst present circumstances; but is the confidence in the day to come and God's promises which can not be taken away. God loves you! And for what it's worth I am wishing you all joy and peace.

    Spoiler! :

    Oh Bethlehem dove,
    who followed the star
    do you know this is God
    born from heaven above?

    How far did you fly?
    Across mountains and hills,
    through darkness, through shadow,
    to be where He lies.

    Oh Savior who rests,
    humble infant, mighty king,
    do you know what awaits
    that you will beat death?

    How far did you come?
    Across heaven and hell,
    from Adam to Abraham,
    Jesse’s tree bore God’s son.

    Oh Savior, Emmanuel,
    born to save the world,
    we who have met you,
    now must go and tell!

    Oh Bethlehem dove,
    who followed the star
    you have found the holy place
    where God sealed his love.

    Nate Merry Christmas! I like the poem.
    Dec 24, 2022

    alliyah :) Thank you Nate! :santa: Merry Christmas to you too!
    Dec 24, 2022

  • Here's my summer poetry series! these were fun to make and try to link the poems together - I tried to be a bit more inventive with my formatting too, which is always fun! Hope you enjoy! #monthlymusings #alliyahpoets

    summer's last breath
    attempting the futile task to cross 800+ miles on land, &amp; then on sea, &amp; then by poetry
    If the entire sun burned out of the sky (when) would you know?
    Summer Bucket List

    If you want to read some fabulous summer poems definitely check out what people wrote for the Summer Poetry Contest there are some wonderfully poetic gems in there and each series took the prompts in such unique directions too.


  • I think I may have not posted a #monthlymusings in March / April / May though some of those things ended up in my napo thread. <.< whoops! Well I'll catch back up here! I started doing the gif-poems in June 2021 so we've come full circle now. :] #alliyahpoets

    march is indecisively uncommitted
    and trying to find a good way
    to tell you winter's over and it's time
    for the both of us to see different people.
    and for some reason every time the
    conversation starts, we get interrupted
    by the sun undeciding when the day
    is going to start or end. so i set my clock
    an hour ahead and hope for the best
    even when i see spring is going to be late,
    and no one knows where the sun went.

    it must be april
    not summer,
    and surely not spring. Not debating a hello while looking
    straight at my shoes - surely not.
    'what a silly thing to be afraid of' my mother used to say
    about the deep-side of hotel swimming pools; but i hate the way
    i can see a dirty quarter sunken against the concrete
    seven feet deep and i'm more afraid of letting her down
    so i jump and drown. yes, absolutely silly.
    poem continued


    and all at once everything's new
    may demands unashamedly to be known; written down -
    if not in words, then springing forth unkempt weeds from sidewalk
    cracks and howling at the newborn gosling loud enough
    for the neighbors to wonder what's going on and borrowing
    your favorite floral blouse, without asking first, the moment
    you take it out of winter storage and breaking sunbeams
    through your window blinds to tell you she's coming over,
    whether or not you're ready at this hour for company and
    some might call her raucous-joy presumptuous, but
    there's something about her that makes me happy to be alive.

    may is
    & green,
    & seems still
    to be living
    & that at least
    counts for something
    i suppose
    in midst of all of life's
    time is reborn.

    Stringbean These are really beautiful, love them
    Jun 4, 2022

    alliyah Thank you!
    Jun 4, 2022

  • Proof that @alliyah is a genius. #arcimitation

    alliyah wrote:Hey Arc, I tried to channel my inner tipsy-poet and came up with this! #imitateme #socialmonth


    #alliyahpoets 1/1

    Link to original comment

    Snoink This poem is lovely.
    Feb 25, 2022

    alliyah Ah thank you Snoink & thanks a lot Arc! Your style was very fun to imitate also saving this in my files for when we get to "Artistry of the Divine: the Sequel". :D
    Feb 25, 2022

  • Hey Arc, I tried to channel my inner tipsy-poet and came up with this! #imitateme #socialmonth


    #alliyahpoets 1/1

    Arcticus Ah, that's one beautiful poem! And, omg what a perfect imitation, haha.

    #alliyahpoets 1/1

    That made me laugh out loud 😂

    Also the font of the poem title.

    Thanks for sharing, alliyah! ☺️

    Feb 25, 2022

  • Snoink That is an amazingly fun poem to read on paper/screen.
    Feb 13, 2022

    alliyah Thanks so much Snoink!! :)
    Feb 13, 2022

  • Some November poetry with some more gif poetry too for #monthlymusings #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets
    And after editing this post like 4 times, just putting the gif part under a spoiler because it felt a little distracting to me. (cw: surgical language, drowning)

    we're probably too far into december for this
    i only miss november in hindsight,
    because i never believe snow can be bitter
    when it's only a forecast for tomorrow.

    you can't spend your whole year brooding about autumn
    it seems silly to say it,
    but when i heard the news, i wasn't jealous
    but the first thing that occurred to me
    was to wonder what your half of our memories look like,
    are they warmed or uneven, or just worn like mine
    from too much time spent carefully
    unknotting grafts that didn't heal right
    and smoothing out that severed edge of regret,
    or did you manage to pack everything into some jar by now
    to keep all those loose ends contained in storage,
    i suppose that's one of those things we never ask,
    never can, never should, only let more time pass
    while all the sand sifts out of old wounds
    and wonder, until
    we both manage to forget.

    only stories
    november tries to tell me
    stories about hurricanes
    but i know she doesn't have
    that sort of power; all fallen
    leaves and wishing wind here
    nothing to fear, so i ignore
    her warnings and dive
    straight into the autumn lake
    i consider becoming a fish
    so that i don't have to re-emerge
    for air, but my lungs always
    fail me right before i drown,
    they tell me to breathe again.

    Spoiler! :

    we're probably too far into december for thisImage

    Arcticus I love these!
    Dec 12, 2021

    alliyah Thank you!
    Dec 13, 2021

  • Here's some October poetry & another gif poem for #monthlymusings I'm putting all these in one giant document and realize that I have almost 50 month-based poems now; including 1 that was even published. :] I'm enjoying seeing what themes I thought went with October this year versus last year and also which months I somehow have almost nothing written for versus the ones that I have a lot for. ~ #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets

    october | gathering
    Spoiler! :
    text version:
    october sweeps up all her loose-ends
    meticulously finding every stray acorn,
    each fallen-leaf and unsung harvest-song,
    every unfinished thought and margin note,
    she bundles up every last piece of autumn
    that may help her to make it through the winter;
    til the burnt-orange leaves form mountains,
    and the harvest trimmings cover the sky,
    entirely unhindered by lack of space
    to store her wares, and she tells me
    with a light unbothered ease,
    her survival strategy this year
    is more about gathering
    than living.

    october | uncommitted

    october told me she was done with him,
    done with summer, and wasn't looking back,
    too many long days, and sun-burnt promises
    lost in the tide, so she's setting her sights
    for something better, she says this every year,
    and i'd almost believe her
    when the leaves fall soft, and the northern wind
    stirs in songs around the trees, but
    i catch her looking longingly at the sun
    each morning when the frost gathers on her windshield,
    and i see her pause as her breath catches
    hanging in the winter-chilled air,
    and i know she's still holding too many
    corn stalks and overgrown vines tight in her arms
    to tell the sky to snow.

    Liminality Love the orange tones these two poems make me think of! Especially with images like "burnt-orange leaves" and "sun-burnt promises".
    Nov 8, 2021

    alliyah Thanks Lim! The perfect autumn color! :3 Also I guess I am a big fan of latching "burnt" on to any word. :D
    Nov 8, 2021

  • Lots of September poetry thoughts~ #monthlymusings #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets

    september | gone
    september's burdens
    september seems to carry
    an infinite number of cardboard boxes
    that she never has time to unpack,
    just winter clothes in case i need them, she says,
    stacking all these optimistic weather predictions
    on top of her chest until her lungs are heavy,
    just memories of another season
    she wants to keep on hand.

    september | waiting
    september is jealous of october,
    but she won't let her know,
    she'll just stare enviously at the promise of falling leaves
    & brisk mornings, & warm soups, & harvest songs
    until the temperature changes.

    september | leaving
    september was swept up by october's gale
    before she even had her feet on the ground;
    all the corn rows were grown uneven,
    & the trees broken by storm winds
    & the sky cracked with lightning.

    & then one day september was gone,
    leaving only a rattled shadow
    where the wind howls,
    & all of autumn burdens in.

    you could ask where she's went,
    but summer's farewell
    is notoriously unreliable,
    & some trails aren't meant to be followed.

  • August is a very moody month, so I've got 5 poems for #monthlymusings ~ I took the photo for the gif poem part. #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets


    august | holding
    august is always saying goodbye
    and overpromising all her see you soons
    while holding tight all the spare edges of summer
    like a bouquet of floral stems with petals long-wilted,
    she knows summer is further away every year,
    that hellos are fewer, and never a given,
    so she holds promises tight,
    and false-ones even tighter.

    august always overstays | one day too long
    august is homesick before she's out of the driveway
    but grimacing a smile in the rearview window,
    for her mother's sake, because it's better if we pretend
    we'll be home again this evening for dinner,
    so she always pretends. & knows to count
    exactly how many days & steps & breaths
    it will take to return.

    august | almost
    august leaves with {almost} the whole universe
    strapped to her back; the hoarse cicadas, the dead grass,
    the dreams of may & the grocery lists from june,
    all packed tight in Rubbermaid containers
    & double-taped for she knows the journey is long,
    & anything that falls will be stolen by the hitchhikers,
    august loves no strangers, so we must pretend we belong
    & not let the miles make us forget the things left behind.

    august | keeping
    august keeps an inventory of everything that didn't fit
    in her suitcase, & grieves every drop of rain that forgot
    to fall, you'll find her writing love letters to summer
    four months from now, with her lists in her hands
    & a well-worn rain gauge latched to her heart.

    august | new seasons
    august leapt from her nest, wings unfurled, still sleep-dreaming
    'she's going somewhere new' the clouds inform the sun,
    the sun nods knowingly, 'we've been waiting all summer long,'
    you couldn't convince her the summer is a season,
    because waiting always feels longer,
    & this year's drought has stretched everyone's patience,
    august flies quick though, wings unburdened
    & even half-asleep she's ready for tomorrow.

    BluesClues ugh this is so good <3
    Aug 28, 2021

    alliyah Thanks Blue!! <3
    Aug 28, 2021

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  • two july poems for #monthlymusings - I probably won't keep doing gif poems for these, but they're interesting to try out and I thought the visuals worked with the subjects too. #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets

    july | afterthoughts

    Spoiler! :
    july... is the afterlight of
    fireworks not quite faded
    & all this ash hanging
    heavy; brooding in the air.

    july | not quite yet
    july is a bruise that i wonder
    if another year has healed
    only to find with these
    searching memory fingers
    there's always too much
    here to quite forget.

    Spoiler! :

    BluesClues I really like the gif poems <3
    Jul 30, 2021

    alliyah thank you Blue! <3
    Jul 30, 2021

  • *soft screm*
    alliyah wrote:been a while since I posted a poetry monthly musing; so let's see if this gif thing actually works -- #monthlymusings #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets
    june | soon

    Spoiler! :

    june counts her days
    anxious-quick on her fingers;
    afraid she'll lose one if she doesn't count,
    the birds and the new floral leaves
    help her keep track of things-
    and somewhere the fish are singing;
    hum hum, one two, come home, three four,
    bubble away the day, and one day more,
    and all this day-counting becomes
    synonymous with breathing
    and every breath is hoping
    she'll find the river soon.

    Link to original comment

    alliyah thank u for share !! :,)
    Jun 24, 2021

    BluesClues I love it so much <3
    Jun 24, 2021

  • been a while since I posted a poetry monthly musing; so let's see if this gif thing actually works -- #monthlymusings #writingpoetry #alliyahpoets
    june | soon

    Spoiler! :

    june counts her days
    anxious-quick on her fingers;
    afraid she'll lose one if she doesn't count,
    the birds and the new floral leaves
    help her keep track of things-
    and somewhere the fish are singing;
    hum hum, one two, come home, three four,
    bubble away the day, and one day more,
    and all this day-counting becomes
    synonymous with breathing
    and every breath is hoping
    she'll find the river soon.

    starlitmind oh my goodness alliyah I LOVE THE POEM AND I LOVE THE GIF THAT LOOKS SO ABSOLUTELY COOL!!!
    Jun 25, 2021

    alliyah Awwee <3 thank you a whole bunch! I really love how this turned out too! :)))
    Jun 25, 2021

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— Carl Sandburg