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  • Here is another #5ReasonsToSmile from me because gratitude and self-love are very important!

    1- Little kittens can look like kiwis!

    2- This man who uses his fluffy cat's fur to help birds make nests.

    3- The fact that this capybara looks like his name is Chad.

    4- The fact that even if only 1 in every 100 people like you, that means there are still eighty-one million others on earth who would like you, you just haven't met them yet.

    5- The fact that even if, for some reason, those 81 million others don't like you, you will always have a friend named Ellie on YWS who does like you!

    Coffeewriter Aweee I just woke up and these made me smile tysm!
    Feb 22, 2024

  • Holiday season can be a tough time for a lot of people - and the winter blues are unfortunately quite real - so I thought it might be a good time to bring back #FiveReasonsToSmile . If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. :)

    Spoiler! :
    If you need to just feel the sad feels and this hashtag isn't useful for you right now, that is completely valid. I find it helpful to remind myself of reasons I have to be happy, but it can be equally important to just let yourself take the time to feel down without putting any pressure on yourself to be cheerful and optimistic. So take this with a grain of salt! <3

    1. I have an entire month off of school that I get to spend back at home, being lazy and hanging out with my friends. A couple nights ago, one of my closest friends and I sat in a collection of miscellaneous parking lots for 7 hours straight - and we just talked, and listened to music, and ate fries, and that was the least lonely I've felt in a long time.

    2. My mother has been trying so hard to use my pronouns while I've been home. She slips up a lot, but it's so much progress from where she was a year ago and it means the world to me. :')

    3. Dogs! I get to see my dogs again and give them cuddles and ear massages and lots of nose boops.

    4. I started a painting this week, which is the first time I've done any art since the summer. I'm definitely a little rusty, but it feels good to be creating something physical in front of me (and not just another thing on a screen).

    5. As utterly cliche as it sounds, I get to eat real, home-cooked food for at least a couple weeks! I'll even gladly eat my veggies if it means I don't have to subsist off of microwave meals and trashy campus food. Oh man.

    Hijinks #5ReasonsToSmile
    Dec 20, 2023

  • #5ReasonsToSmile #FiveReasonsToSmile because I haven't been feeling super smiley lately!

    1. A relatively new friend and I bought matching pop-sockets the other night - they're half blue and half yellow, which is perfect, because his phone case is yellow and mine is blue! It makes a surprisingly satisfying fidget toy, as well.

    2. Becoming friends with aforementioned person has honestly been quite rewarding in general. We groove in a way that I don't usually with people I've only just met, and I don't even find myself particularly exhausted after hanging out with him.

    3. I've started teaching art to kiddos a few more nights a week and I really love it. I mean, they can be so friggin' exhausting, and some of them are full-fledged demons, but the sweet ones make it worth it. Also a colleague who is much older than me and who I respect a lot pulled me aside the other night and was like "you do a spectacular job managing and teaching a group of preschool kids that big, especially for your age. If it appeals to you at all I think you should consider going into teaching; you're very talented!" which was very flattering positive feedback to receive.

    4. I had chocolate pudding for breakfast this morning!

    5. I was hanging out at a park last weekend with some friends and got some lovely photos of all of us having fun - I look genuinely happy in them!

  • hai eweyone i wanna share w u muh #5reasonstosmile

    1. Gwurl <3 she make my heart go uwu
    2. Roleplay w muh frenno and goat @grandwild
    3. Social month yo 😎🥰
    4. Frennos who support me even when other frens make me do a sad boi :c
    5. We out of da darkest few weeks of da year in the Northern hemispwhere TwT

    @soundofmind @scatteredscones #socialmonth #truthordare

    fatherfig Huh who did you tag there Idk that guy c.c
    Feb 3, 2023

  • #5reasonstosmile
    1) YOU
    2) School has been a lot less mentally damaging then the last one (but still very stressed from time to time and we are only 4 weeks in, but Optimistic!) And it's good to realize that it wasn't just the normal stress of school everyone has.
    3) new school means more time for things like being here right now<333
    4) I realized a LOT about myself and I am hopeful for new life ahead.
    5) I am begining to have people I know outside of y'all and maybe some might even be friends. And I still have you all here with me to<333333

    Quillfeather @Euphory
    Feb 1, 2023

    Euphory T_T YOU ARE THE SWEETEST <333
    I guess one of my 5 reasons to smile today was seeing your post :')
    I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT THE NEW SCHOOL HAS BEEN KINDER TO YOU <333 i wish you all good things, health wise, academic wise, and most importantly I hope you get to share a lot of happy times with people who are good to you in and out of YWS <333
    thank you for taking on the dare !! <333

    Feb 1, 2023

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  • fatherfig I dare you to doodle your favorite animal and post it on yewis!
    Jan 31, 2023

    Random avatar
    SpunkyMonkey I dare you to donate one point to 5 different people with no explanation
    Jan 31, 2023

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  • Ljungtroll I dare you to post an exposé/diss/renunciation on your favorite fish with no context.
    Jan 31, 2023

    Shady *le gasp*
    Jan 31, 2023

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  • Tagged by @Hkumar . Thank you for making me part of this.
    1. To smile is a great blessing. I try smiling often.
    2. Almost Diwali is here and its time I can rejuvenate.
    3. College has begun offline and I am here too. It feels nostalgic the way I grew up.
    4. I am trying my best.
    5. I have been tagged in this beautiful post and being invited to share my feelings. :D
    For everyone out there come and share your reasons :D. Looking forward!

    Hkumar #5reasonstosmile
    (putting a space before the '#' makes it active) ;)

    Nov 2, 2021

    BhavyaMehta123 Okay :)
    Nov 2, 2021

  • #5reasonstosmile
    1. Fall kittens <3
    2. Anime. I'd mention particular names and characters but I love them allll
    3. The fact that we can put words on paper !! How amazing and impossible is that !!
    4. Pasta. You ain't ever gonna find a better food
    5. You <3
    If you haven't done this already then I tag you <3

  • I´ve got tagged by @RandomTalks, so here I am #5reasonstosmile

    Spoiler! :

    1. I'm currently looking for a new flat to finally move out (again) from my sister and so many of my friends have come forward to help me because I can't always drive 600 km to look at a flat, that's why they do the viewings.
    2. It's getting colder and winter is coming soon. The excitement of snow is already there. :D
    3. I think just being here on YWS is reason enough to smile. It helps to switch off a bit after a day at work.
    4. My mother has not been very well for a few years, (she has depression) but finally, we can see progress in her treatment.
    5. I have started to sell some toys and video games from my childhood and it is fun to see that other people have a use for them.

    I don´t know who I should tag, I´ve already read a lot of them, so tagging nobody and everybody who wants to give it a try. :D

  • Alright...time to do this: #5reasonstosmile

    1. Halloween is coming up and I get an excuse to dress up as Hamilton
    2. I just finished reading Doctor Faustus and I am now in love with the character Mephistopheles.
    3. I just got to see some (honorary, but still) grandparents and they're going to my (blood) grandparent's house so I'm going to have a grandparent party in a few days WOOOOO
    4. Loki exists 😁
    5. I have a body and mind that both work very well - and i can use those to dance!

    Who to tag...IM SORRY IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THIS! @CyonetheStarbringer @Hkumar @BigBrother

    ShpidderMon did i get big brother's tag wrong?
    Oct 28, 2021

    EsmerayaRose @BigBrother
    Oct 28, 2021

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  • #5reasonstosmile

    1. Yesterday, I got the Death Note prequel I've been waiting for, and I started reading it right away.
    2. My first internship starts in January. I'm going to shadow my former Social Studies teacher since I'm considering majoring in History.
    3. I finally remembered to bring my tea to school with me. I love to drink it when I'm doing work.
    4. I get to leave school early! My last two blocks are study halls, so the principal gave me permission to go home right after class.
    5. My cat slept on my bed two nights ago during a storm. Usually, I complain about it because she's so heavy and I can barely move, but she's so adorable, I can't help it.

    Even though almost all of YWS has been tagged, I'm tagging anyone who hasn't been and wants to!

  • #5reasonstosmile

    Got tagged by @RandomTalks :D

    1. With me finally getting to college I'm finally, finally allowed to grow my hair out like I wanted to and its soo close to being shoulder length which is where I want it so that's awesome :D
    2. I'm finally allowed to grow my nails out too, so I no longer need to keep them so short that it hurts to touch something.
    3. Going to college fully online has been the worst and I know my grades are going to be a bit lower than usual, but the group I've been a part of for the group assignments have been really awesome so far and even if our grades end up being terrible, I'll have some happy memories to go along with it. It's been especially fun because all five of us come from five different countries and the differences have only made us better as a team. :D
    4. The country my university is in finally opened its borders to mine and even though it still could take a month or two for me to get there, the process has been started so I can finally look forward to actually attending a university and officially beginning by journey in that part of life. So far with online it's felt like I got into the car to start my journey but I still haven't pulled out of the driveway. With this I feel like I can finally do that. :D
    5. I broke through a three month long writer's block wall on The Sorcerers of Hisderat and I have finally, finally passed the halfway mark. I've been writing nearly a chapter a day the past few days and it genuinely looks plausible that I could finish draft 1 by the end of NaNo

    It looks like practically everyone has been tagged by this point so...tagging anyone who wants to do it but hasn't been tagged yet<33

  • I guess I don't have many reasons to smile at the moment but since I was tagged by @SadboyJay, I will give this a shot. #5reasonstosmile

    Spoiler! :
    1. It was my brother's birthday today. And the fact that I got to hit him 16 times in the name of birthday bumps has earned me a smile that is going to last the entire month at the least.

    2. I have downloaded all my favorite episodes of LOST in my pen drive and mobile and it makes me feel relatively calm that I can watch them anytime I want now and not worry about our crap internet connection.

    3. I finished a short story this week. Its not really my best work, it may not even be my average, but its better than nothing, considering that I have not been able to write anything, anything decent at all for the past 2-3 months.

    4. It is extremely probable that our school is going to reopen (offline) near the end of November. And every time I remember this tiny little fact, I remind myself to smile, because after the end of November I might not get the chance to do that for a REALLY LONG while.

    5. My brother put my extremely precious and old watch in the washing machine and now it exists in three different parts. So I am going to really enjoy extracting my extremely slow and painful revenge from him. In fact, I have already come up with so many interesting ideas, that my own imagination is making me grin right now.

    Well, that's my list.

    And I am tagging @ForeverYoung299, @MailicedeNamedy and @HarryHardy (in case you guys haven't been tagged already).

  • Tagged by @JoyDark and @SadboyJay #5reasonstosmile

    1.) I have a packet of chips and I don't need to share with anyone.
    2.) I have some peace in my college hostel.
    3.) My sessions with the psychologist is going smooth and I'm comfortable sharing my thoughts with her.
    4.) My physical health is a bit improving.
    5.) I'm alive and functioning.

    Tagging a few folks @Dreamy, @BhavyaMehta123, @LittleLee, @Tanishka

    Dreamy <3
    Oct 27, 2021

    BhavyaMehta123 <3 :)
    Nov 2, 2021

  • Tagged by JoyDark

    #5reasonstosmile #fivereasonstosmile

    Probably not the most typical response, but... this hashtag literally asked for it, lol. Shush, of course, my five main reasons to smile are...

    Spoiler! :
    ... the five daily prayers

    Tagging the first five people who read this. Which won't work because how can you know, right? But yeah.

    (Go home Arc)

  • #5reasonstosmile

    1.) Cats. Just cats. That’s all.
    2.) Friends who will never leave, and always stand by you, just as you will always stand by them.
    3.) The sky is blue. The grass is green. I’m alive. What more could I ask for?
    4.) Friendly political debates with people you barely know.
    5.) The feeling of euphoria when you make something beautiful.

  • Because @FireEyes tagged me here's a quick #5reasonstosmile

    1. My business went really well this month, so like now I actually have some money in savings
    2. I really like the story I'm writing and having a lot of fun with it, but still challenging myself, so that's super fulfilling
    4. My brother is getting home from Japan tomorrow and I haven't seen him in a year in a half so that'll be exciting
    5. This site is one of the last places on the internet with a diversity of thought but still civility and kindness and I love it <3

    @LadyMysterio @ThikiNiki @Typowithoutcoffee continue the smilllles

  • #5ReasonsToSmile #FiveReasonsToSmile

    1. I joined a new Discord server, posted a lil' art piece, and people liked it. That was nice.
    2. Yesterday I wore a collared shirt, jeans, and a beanie to school, and I felt *very cool and spiffy*.
    3. I'm reading a new book about the caste system in America (yes, in America) and it's interesting so far!
    4. Labrinth, BLACKPINK and Doja Cat exist and they all make amazing music.
    5. I had a choir concert at my school and I think we did well. Plus, before the concert I beatboxxed to the opening song of Hamilton while other choir members sang along. That was quite fun.

    As a bonus, I have friends! And I might even get to hang out with some of them on Halloween! I am so lucky to know such great people and I need to remember that!!!

    Tagging @TheMulticoloredCyr, @IamI, @Arcticus, @Hkumar, and anyone else who wants to carry this on!

  • #5reasonstosmile
    1) My cats. They've been really sweet lately.
    2) I found a chicken-themed lamp at a charity shop. It's a nice decorating, and the lightbulb it came with still works!
    3) My migraines have been more manageable lately. (Knock on wood, lol)
    4) It's almost time for sweater weather.
    5) Homemade jam.

  • tagged by @BluesClues in #5reasonstosmile so here we go:

    1) My new username/pronoun change is a step towards me becoming the most authentic version of myself, and it's felt good and right to take that step.
    2) Looking back on old pictures of myself and comparing them with more recent pictures, I've become so much more confident, secure, and happy over the past three months.
    3) I found a really good brand of iced coffee and it's been a wonderful addition to my mornings.
    4) One of my teachers has graciously allowed me a retake of a test I did poorly on + offered to meet with me to help me understand how I could do better on these tests. This test really dropped my grade, which caused me a lot of anxiety, so having this opportunity for improvement is a huge weight off my back.
    5) Yesterday, I had a great idea for my college essay. I've drafted three different essays and none of them felt quite right, and as I was fleshing out this idea, it felt like the right direction. It's been a relief to have some success in that area.

    tagging anyone who wants to do this!

    BluesClues I love all of this for you <333
    Oct 27, 2021

    Atticus <333
    Oct 27, 2021

  • #5reasonstosmile Got a tag from @FireEyes, so here we go!

    1. One of my seemingly innate personality traits is that I love the taste of drinking water, so I'm never dehydrated by my own will. c:
    2. My dog is happy and healthy and can hang out indoors with us.
    3. There's a nearly infinite number of things you can learn online.
    4. Good music is always a thing~
    5. (I know how to mend socks now)

    Tagging . . . anyone who wants to do this!

    Buranko I got drunk on water
    Oct 27, 2021

    Hijinks Ahh I love the taste of water as well! All my friends think it's a bit weird xD
    Oct 27, 2021

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  • #5reasonstosmile

    1) Young Writer’s Society
    2) my family
    3) my best friend
    4) Poetry
    5) Fantasy genre books

    @alliyah @seirre @chierynn

The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write; a man will turn over half a library to make one book.
— Samuel Johnson