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  • avianwings47 I'd like to make an amendment to numbers 9, 6, and 5. *ahem*

    My band director is always yelling at the flutes to make sure their flutes are tuned, and even gets out the tuner app sometimes. Very few flutes are tuned correctly.
    How does flute garner attention? (you can't even hear them)
    Flutes have like four parts, right? that's a lot of pieces.
    everything else is acceptable, and I have no real beef against flutes, except for the fact that I really really wanted to play flute when I first joined band, but they made me play trumpet instead >:[

    12 hours ago

    JazzElectrobass 1. In my band we actually stay in tune mostly. We've been taught how to stay in tune/correct something if it is out of tune, so that attributes to that
    2. We get attention because we have solos and pretty parts, and the occasional ugly note because we either play our part very well, or we kill your ears. (plus there are few other instruments that are mostly silver). Also, if you can't hear the flutes that's actually a problem because the band isn't balanced in it's sections.
    3. We have 3 parts, not 4. (and unlike a trumpet we have smaller cases)

    oof. I'm friends with pretty much all the trumpets in my band.

    Number 1 though, it's not true. We do get spit. Just not as much as some others, and it doesn't really bother us that much.

    10 hours ago

  • The hint I left in my latest post got me thinking...

    Spoiler! :
    Originally I was thinking of just a short story, then I thought about a collab if anyone's interested, but imagine a storybook roleplay (if it ever comes to fruition, it's far off, and I wouldn't host it alone -if at all lol) and each participant creates their own character based on a dark fantasy/gothic/steampunk/dystopian twist on a traditional fairytale character. The goal of the storybook...

    I have no idea, haven't gotten that far yet XD Bear in mind I'm also relatively new here…

    I think…about 5 months by now, is that still new?? Idk lol

    Anyway if something like this already exists, I have no idea and sorry if that's not original lol. If not though, what are your thoughts?

    Spearmint :eyes: i'm sure some people here can attest to my willingness to join any storybook... xD and that idea looks super cool!! :D
    12 hours ago

    Ley As a storybook connoisseur, I’d definitely join this! This idea kind of reminds me of “Once Upon a Time” the TV show. Love the idea <3
    12 hours ago

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  • Image

    This is a little late, but I wanted to take the time to highlight an amazing poem from April 6th, this #PcrewPick is from @Coffeewriter's thread and is poem three, Stars...

    Coffee has an incredible ability to write poetry about a variety of emotions, from love to hate. I am blown away by their ability to write relatable, honest, and vulnerable words that have touched my heart.

    One quote I loved was this:

    Love is like sour grapes
    That sometimes turn sweet in your mouth based on pure luck
    Love is like the feeling of happiness you get when spring transitions into summer
    Love is when you feel so happy and loved that you want to burst into a thousand different pieces of light and float so high you can touch the stars
    Do you believe we turn into stars when we die?
    It would be lovely if we could watch over our loved ones and they could watch over us
    Beautiful, shimmering stars

    Be sure to give this incredible poem a read and to check out the rest of the PCrew Pick Hall of Fame! Have a wonderful day and happy writing!! :D

  • ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ✧ ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ✧
    Poem about college~
    Screw College
    College can go suck a butt
    College makes me wanna write
    College makes me wanna read
    Thus, here I am, reading The DSM-5
    Word by word
    Committed to my suffering
    ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ✧ ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ✧

    ᰔᩚ.`°'˗ˏˋ ꒰ ♡ ꒱ ˎˊ˗°`.ᰔᩚ
    Hey don't give up! ‹𝟹
    :*˚:✧。❃ ུ ۪✧˚ ༘ ⋆。˚
    Good things takes time ‹𝟹

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  • Two sneaky college students in and out of here.
    Kaia wrote:Just my luck that nobody's in here when I am T0T
    SkyVibes wrote:https://skyvibes.writerfeedpad.com/1

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  • Dreamingfp lfp girlfriend< 333

    Romance poem




    Quillfeather Rigo has a girlfriend???
    14 hours ago

  • well today was about as bad as it could get. we'll see if I get fired tomorrow.

    LadyMysterio That sucks I'm sorry omni :/
    14 hours ago

    Dossereana I'll be praying that you don't get fired, so sorry Omni!! <333333
    14 hours ago

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  • Grammatical "rules" that I just cannot accept...

    I feel strongly it should be "your" welcome rather than "you're" welcome >:[

    Like i am alliyah. I am not Welcome. (Though I DID have a great uncle named Welcome). So it is not you are welcome. What would that even mean to be a welcome and what would it mean for someone to say that that is What I am?

    I much prefer to say "your" welcome. As in, I had a sense of welcomeness and now I am bestowing it to you, I want it to be yours, I want you to keep the favor or compliment or item as your own, so now I have given it to you and now it is truly your (possessive) welcome.

    Sorry I can't think if it any other way. :] your welcome.

    alliyah Your welcome is also the logical opposite to the phrase "my bad".

    I have done well and want to extend wellness and welcomeness to you -> your welcome
    I have made a bad mistake, so want to hold on to it and not blaim or inconvenience you so I keep it -> my bad

    14 hours ago

    yosh well sometimes i intentionally say things grammatically wrong cause its fun
    14 hours ago

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  • I have a dilemma. I would love thoughts
    Spoiler! :
    This week I have an essay due that is to discuss the similarities and inconsistencies around the R rated movie compared to real history. At first I thought it was rated for maybe one or two scenes I could skip but upon searching on IMBD, it's rated R for all of the above. There is so much it will be impossible to skip. It's really bad. As a Christian I have convictions that I don't even watch R rated movies at all. All ready I was willing to watch it (prior to investigation on IMBD), but this goes beyond any allowance I would have made. I need to tell me professor this and ask for a substitution of an assignment. But I'm not sure what to say without making it seem like I just don't want to do the work at all bcs I'm lazy. It's not that at all. I really do want to do the work and earn the grade. But I literally cannot do so with this particular assignment if it requires that movie. For context, for anyone who has managed to watch Passion of Christ, this movie is much worse than that. What do you think I should tell my college professor?

    LadyMysterio I think it's within good concerns if you don't want to watch soemthing for thos reasons. And I would tell your profession. Nobody should force somebody to watch something they don't want to watch.<3 I'd say explain why you don't want to watch it.
    14 hours ago

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  • yosh deja vu? i feel like there's a similar quote from a ywser in the quote gen that i've seen before
    16 hours ago

    avianwings47 hey that’s me
    15 hours ago

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  • https://spellingsociety.org/uploaded_mi ... 940069.pdf
    THIS. YES. these poems perfectly speak of all the bones i have to pick with english XDD

    When the English tongue we speak.
    Why is break not rhymed with freak?
    Will you tell me why it's true
    We say sew but likewise few?

    Spearmint omg i love my linguistic anthropology course XD a joke research paper on the disease of childhood: http://users.erols.com/geary/psychology/publication.htm

    Spoiler! :
    Despite this history of clinical neglect, it has been estimated that well over half of all Americans alive today have experienced childhood directly (Suess, 1983).

    Emile Durkind was perhaps the first to speculate about sociological causes of childhood. He points out two key observations about children:
    1. the vast majority of children are unemployed, and
    2. children represent one of the least educated segments of our society. In fact, it has been estimated that less than 20% of children have had more than fourth grad education.

    Unfortunately, the "school" system has been largely ineffective. Not only is the problem a massive tax burden, but it has failed even to slow down the rising incidence of childhood.

    16 hours ago

    EllieMae This made me laugh so hard (yes you Emile Durkind... as a sociology major i have been forced to read many of your words...<.<) but as a joke paper, OMG I LOVE THIS HAHAHAHA

    Emile Durkind was perhaps the first to speculate about sociological causes of childhood. He points out two key observations about children:
    the vast majority of children are unemployed, and

    10 hours ago

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  • getting back into skateboarding and i already fell 8 times

    Dossereana Oof!! <333
    16 hours ago

    avianwings47 I need to start skateboarding again since the weather is getting nice. I bought a (kind of expensive) skateboard last fall but didn't get to use it much. I really haven't learned how to do much yet, though. (which means all I know how to do is cruise).
    Now you've got me going on a whole skating rant. sigh.

    13 hours ago

  • Just my luck that nobody's in here when I am T0T
    SkyVibes wrote:https://skyvibes.writerfeedpad.com/1

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    Kaia Sky is secretly lurking over here. And I'm not gonna leave her lonely. Feel free to join the college students!! (Though we will both likely be in and out bcs of assignments)
    14 hours ago

  • okay, i want to do something for YWSers, but i'll need you guys to fill out forms for eachother

    yes you will choose who gets it,
    but i will not let the same person get a gift twice

    Quillfeather ooh
    18 hours ago

    EllieMae double oooooh!!!
    18 hours ago

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  • EllieMae I see no cat I only see potato
    17 hours ago

    LadyMysterio What a scrumptious loaf of bread
    17 hours ago

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and the shadows will fall beyond you.
— Walt Whitman