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Mixing Magic [Draft 3]: Prologue
by Mea in Novel / Chapter » Fantasy

Captain's Log
by SpiritedWolfe in Poetry » Science Fiction

Poem Of Blue
by Sree in Poetry » General

The First Time I Saw You..
by vagrant in Poetry » Romantic

the riptide, i.
by Lareine in Poetry » Dramatic

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  • Short Story » Dramatic, Realistic
    The best day of my life

    "Case No. 1225-02, Permitted for publication, Caleb Coleman's diary: The text was rewritten with grammar and punctuation preserved."

    RamHood17 - 4 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Script » Historical Fiction, Dramatic
    Eagle Rock

    Intrigue. A good scenario. I can not give advice on grammar and punctuation. I have a long way to study the grammar of English. But the principles of plotting are ...

    RamHood17 - 21 minutes ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    What's Your Genre?

    My main genre for both reading and writing is contemporary YA - I'm getting more and more into reading non-fiction these days, and have started reading adult contemporary novels, but ...

    TriSARAHtops - 23 minutes ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    What Novel Ideas!

    I'm incredibly slack, and honestly have written very little in the last couple of years, so I feel a little bit funny posting here as though I'm someone who Actually ...

    TriSARAHtops - 46 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Chapter 16.2: Ilami

    Hey Lightsong! I'm finally here to review this. Plot and character-wise, this was a really good chapter. It feels like we're getting deeper and deeper into the plot, and now ...

    Mea - 54 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Literature, Lyrical
    Ripping Pages

    Your poem was an awesome read. I loved these following lines: "He’s running out of ink But a pen’s fairly easy to replace Everyday, closing in on the brink He’s ...

    Sree - 1 hour ago

  • Poetry » Literature, Lyrical
    Ripping Pages

    I was supposed to finish my story by now but I decided to post this poem I made a year or two ago in the meantime. I wrote it as a punk song in mind.

    Kresle - 2 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Short Story » Fantasy, Mystery / Suspense
    13 Blackberries (Part 2)

    Heyo, Quinine! I'm back for another quick review~ Despite my amount of criticism, I really am a huge fan of this story and I can't wait to see where it ...

    Evander - 2 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    I can help "diversify" your cast.

    Just to build on the Star Trek bit, tensions between the US and Russia also weren't the friendliest at the time, so even "The Russian Guy" was carefully and intentionally ...

    LowKey - 2 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Hogwarts Students DT

    Um, may I join?

    DauntlessDagger - 3 hours ago

  • Forums » Media Reviews
    A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Two

    They made Olaf and his henchmen (or women, no, people) much better characters and lot nicer too (I love the hook handed man's relationship with sunny) In the end, you ...

    DauntlessDagger - 3 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Storybooks
    Academy of Magic

    Edrea Torquot Still fuming that the headmistress had told her that there was nothing to be done, Edrea sat down at a table by herself. Students filed into the dining ...

    XxXTheSwordsmanXxX - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Historical Fiction, Romantic
    July, 1941

    Good story. The story of love. Young people dream about the future, they make plans. They want to find a companion for life. But war destroys all dreams. War sets ...

    RamHood17 - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Humor, Fantasy
    Be Here Now

    Radrook here a once again to offer some suggestions. Apologies if i offend. It isn’t my intention. Please feel full free to cast aside all things you deem not helpful. ...

    Radrook - 5 hours ago

  • Poetry » Realistic, Other
    Crab Cakes

    What kind of seafood do you like?

    Willard - 6 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Black Cotton DT

    Suppossed to be Corvid for a proper introduction of the character.

    XxXTheSwordsmanXxX - 6 hours ago

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