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maybe i won't hide forever
by spatula in Poetry » Realistic

Happy 18th Birthday YWS
by HarryHardy in Poetry » General

Lessons From a Ghost
by Liminality in Poetry » Realistic

by Liminality in Poetry » General

Royal Anarchy- Lord Sullivan and Aylin final scene
by Cat_15 in Short Story » Fantasy

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  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    LMS VI: Silver and Silk 0.5

    Hey Omniiiiii!!!!! I'M BACKKKKKKKKKKKK. Let's get right into it! So I know you don't want grammatical things-- but I cannot stop myself because it's in the first sentence. Since it's ...

    winterwolf0100 - 3 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Horror
    The Bane of Night

    I really like this piece! It leaves so many questions, which makes me want to read more. You said this was from an excerpt of a book you're making, which ...

    Cat_15 - 8 hours ago

  • Poetry » Realistic, Supernatural
    Lessons From a Ghost

    A ghost's advice on how to keep your head up. (cw: non-graphic mention of blood)

    Liminality - 12 hours ago

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Dramatic
    The Hand That Feeds

    What will happen when Ayaka's gift ceremony interrupted by and ungodly force?

    Sunflowerdemon3712 - 13 hours ago
    16+ Language Violence

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Science Fiction
    Bluejay: Prologue

    Hi Necromancer! Lim stopping by with a review. First Impressions Yikes, Robby sounds like a creepy-looking robot. I started out thinking the name was a little funny, but as the ...

    Liminality - 13 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Humor, Fantasy
    Sunny and the Syntax Errors of Doom: Chapter 5.1

    Hey mint! Lim again with a review. First Impressions Oh the story seems to be taking a slightly darker turn! I love that you’re introducing a new complication here. Sunny ...

    Liminality - 14 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Humor, Horror
    The Ten-Year-Old Necromancer: Chapter Eleven, Part One

    Goodness, Jasmine! You should know not to to stick your nose in things you don’t understand. Bad things happen to kids who creep to places they aren’t supposed to creep…*insert ...

    vampricone6783 - 15 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    LMS VI: Something about Monsters

    Week Twelve: Mermaid Part Two 1007 words And that is what led Andrea to write a note to her parents early in the morning when the sky was dark, and ...

    WeepingWisteria - 20 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Humor, Fantasy
    Sunny and the Syntax Errors of Doom: Chapter 6.2

    loops & chainmail

    Spearmint - 21 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » General, General

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night(whichever one it is in your part of the world), Hi! I'm here to leave a quick review!! Anyway let's get right to it, There’s a piece of red ...

    HarryHardy - 21 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Realistic, Literature
    LMS VI: Let Me Live Tonight 1.11

    "Golden lads and girls all must, as chimney-sweepers, come to dust"-- Cymbeline, William Shakespeare

    winterwolf0100 - 23 hours ago
    16+ Language

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    LMS VI: The Halls of St. Julian's

    Week Twelve - Chapter 4.3 - 1069 Words Sorry, this week's part was very rushed and is very, very unedited! Eduard exited the room and made his way down the ...

    looseleaf - 23 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    LMS VI: a billion seconds gone, but where?

    12. Faced with yet another deadline I have forgotten, I am stuck between a desire to surrender And a refusal to give up. . I meant to write a meditation ...

    niteowl - 23 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    LMS VI: Silver and Silk

    Week Twelve Writing - 1114 words They reached one of their usual spots in town: The Greasy Whale. It was owned by one of Krieves' childhood friends, so they often ...

    Omni - 24 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Humor, Horror
    The Ten-Year-Old Necromancer: Chapter Eleven, Part One

    I might be making redeemable characters too unlikable, whoops.

    Horisun - 24 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Vento's LMS VI Pinboard

    I ate so much pie y'all. ...He said you might know something about large scale magic." The professor made a disgruntled sound, and Francesca tapped the eraser of her pencil ...

    Ventomology -

Defeat has its lessons as well as victory.
— Pat Buchanan