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love letter to [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]
by alliyah in Poetry » Romantic

by MomoMajesty in Poetry » Realistic

The Crepe and the Pancake
by NivedaJames22 in Poetry » Humor

Signs of time
by ForeverYoung299 in Poetry » Satire

The Quest for Fire - Into the Mists - Chapter 3
by felistia in Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure

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  • Reviews » Poetry » Lyrical, Dramatic

    This poem started with a very interesting premise. You managed to show death as something beautiful, kinda reminded me of my favourite movie, the Fountain (I cannot recommend it to ...

    MellyBourne - 5 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Culture, Health
    The Mirror

    I really liked this poem. It didn't blow me away with the language or emotion, but you gave me a new perspective at something as simple, as looking into a ...

    MellyBourne - 11 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fanfiction, Dramatic
    The Augury of RiverClan - Chapter 6

    omg a new chapter already AHHHHHH WAHT The water had reached further than it had the last time the camp had flooded. WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS, I saw ...

    starlitmind - 15 minutes ago

  • Poetry » General, Romantic
    Two Kinds of Rain - Two Kinds of Rain

    The first of a series of poems written by me, named after the whole gathering - Two Kinds of Rain.

    MellyBourne - 18 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Dramatic, Narrative

    That was a very interesting story! I loved the details and the ending was dark but also written very well! I think you developed the story very well and I'm ...

    ChesTacos - 36 minutes ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    A surprising invitation: pt3 Adventures five

    After the fives return home things are changing in good and bad ways read on if you want to know more

    Sunflowerdemon3712 - 37 minutes ago
    12+ Language

  • Storyboooks » Out-of-Character Discussion
    The Wayfarers [OOC]

    It's gonna take me a bit to write that post - personal stuff going on - so just wanted to remind y'all that Maggie's little side quest shouldn't detract from ...

    TheMulticoloredCyr - 43 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Dramatic, Narrative

    Woah. Woah! This is absolutely incredible I am in awe. The prose is airtight. And the characters and their relationships are complex, sophisticated, and what's more, I actually liked them! ...

    YellowSweater - 44 minutes ago

  • Poetry » Culture, Health
    The Mirror

    A poem about how different people can see different things and how mirrors allow people to look at themselves differently.

    TheScribe - 46 minutes ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Short Story » Humor, Dramatic
    The Enchanted Book

    I cracked up so hard! I adored this. Thanks for posting! Your commentary made it even better (the elbow fetish:) I was actually really surprised by the paragraph: "They looked ...

    YellowSweater - 1 hour ago

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Narrative

    The world is ending and the only thing Lewis can blame is the scarecrow in his field. (need some objective feedback on this)

    waywardxwallflower - 1 hour ago
    16+ Language

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    Cultural Appropriation in Fantasy World Building

    Also, I find that I often write from the perspective of a character who is a different gender than me. And because I write in the first person, I was ...

    YellowSweater - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Lyrical, Narrative
    Hall of fame

    Stars are born and die in the course of life. A 'star' is what defines the world and makes the world take unusual courses. Yet who is a star or ...

    Weird - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General

    Hey, Zekcede here! Thsis is really cute! I like that its really short and simple but also has a pretty meaningful(?) background. I also really like the rhyme scheme in ...

    zekcede - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Mystery / Suspense, Science Fiction
    The Killings of Nathaniel Rake. Chapter 1

    Hi YOUKNOWWHO and none? :D Mailice here with a short review! :D Let's start with what I noticed while reading: Some words are misspelled with capital letters and others are ...

    MailicedeNamedy - 3 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Narrative, Dramatic
    Three Shots

    Hi Plume!! I've browsed through (quite) a few of your works now and ahh I had no idea you wrote scripts and stories too! Somehow that makes me admire you ...

    Spearmint - 4 hours ago

You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
— Rod Serling