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Unicorn Killers???


This is a completely different project set in a completely different world without magical Swans. >.>

I came up with this idea when I was like... 15? But I couldn't have written it properly then. But now the idea is worming into my life again, so I need to rant about it a little...

The story is about two teenagers from our world (one girl, one boy... lolololol, omg, it starts off as a walking cliche, I am so sorry, lol) who somehow get magically transported into a medieval fantasy world. The girl has a crush on the boy, but she's not very pretty in our societal norms, and the boy is really popular and cute but isn't really into the girl, so they're just friends, but the girl would like there to be more... but the boy is just not into her.

And then they get thrown together in this new world!!!! And things go crazy.

Now, in this world, the heroes of the world are the Unicorn Killers, aka men who band together and hunt unicorns. See, just like in the myth, unicorns are attracted by virgins and will lay down and be still... but if you're NOT a virgin and you come across them, they will try to attack you to the death. Anyway, in this world, unicorns are seen as evil creatures who will kill mothers and fathers and separate them from their children and steal them away to be virgins forever. And yes, they might have magical healing powers and immortality (at least until they are slain) and whatnot, but society at large hates unicorns and everything that they stand for and does everything in its power to kill these evil beasts.

And so the teenagers from our world get thrust into this new world and stumble upon one of the hunting parties for these unicorns and are basically forced to join this party, which exists to slay unicorns... which they both find horrific.


I think one of the reasons why this book failed miserably when I was a teen was because there wasn't a lot of plot and, honestly, I sucked at writing things with a plot. If I were to write it again... The Unicorn Killers would be a trilogy, lololol.

The first book would be about their adventures in the hunting party.

The second book would be about how they settle into home life in this new world... and handling the unicorns that threaten to unsettle it.

The third book would be about how they finally find a way out!

Also, frankly... I was probably too young because when I was younger, I wasn't sure how it would end... and like, now that I'm older, I know how I want to end it, hahah.

Anyway. I will have to sit on this a little bit... I still have the Swans to write about! And also, I have several novels that I would dearly love to finish... The Golden Mermaid and The Heart of God are both things that I want to finish!!

Also, I'm a little nervous because The Unicorn Killers would probably be a little bit more sexy than like... my other books, just because I mean... some of its plot points involve virginity, for Pete's sake. So I have to figure out a way to comfortably deal with that without making the entire book too weird. *sigh*

Anyway. I guess I'll mull over the idea a little bit... maybe in a couple of years! :)

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