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Accountability Thread


I haven't posted in a couple of days, but I *swear* I've been writing. XD

- I was rereading a certain part in Book 2 (for fun, lol... I really like this story... XD), realized that there was an incomplete segment from a previous edit and then filled that up. (I might have to edit that part more... it was Archondid clarifying what Adelore was doing, however it was a bit confusing??? I might need to streamline things a bit and rewrite that part entirely, because it looks too stitched together.)

- For Book 4! In regards to the ending chapter... I realized that I wrote myself in a rut (again) so I adjusted the direction of the ending a bit so that it was a little less... targeted and included more characters. This makes no sense, but TRUST ME it works better.

- Also for Book 4, I reduced the triple threat chapter to 16.5K, which is AMAZING... shhhh, don't give me that look. XD


Still working on the last chapter... which is not actually the last chapter so I should probably stop calling it that... its real name is "Justice and Mercy."

I've probably written about 40K words in its drafts, only to throw away most of it and start again. *sighs* Anyway, currently I have about 5k of stuff that I really like and am tentatively adding more to it.

I think I figured out a better way of introducing several of my weirder characters in a more gentle, less obnoxious way that doesn't completely take over the story and turn it obnoxious, so that's the good news!

Giving up phone games for Lent is... um... making this easier to concentrate on the story, actually. Maybe I should do that more consistently. (Whooooops.)


Lol, this was supposed to be a daily updates thread, but clearly it is most definitely not. >.>

I took a brief break from working on the last chapter to trim Book 2. I trimmed it by around 3k-4k words and made it WAY better, which makes me happy.


I... am stuck on the last chapter again. I keep questioning what I am doing and hemming and hawing about it all. There is just. So. Much. And I am scrutinizing my decisions because I just don't know.

The question that I am currently hung up on is how do the victims perceive the anti-heroes? Because I am pretty sure that the reader likes the anti-hero now and thinks the redemption arc is good. But I accidentally swung it back to the victims's perspectives during the end, because darn it, their perspectives are important too, and I am not sure if the victims would agree, and that makes me more nervous.

How does one forgive the unforgivable?

It is probably okay that I am struggling with this as much as I am because maybe it will translate into the writing being more nuanced and complicated. But I dunno. I'm still struggling, lol.

I might have to go through the last half of the book again and just read through it to get a better grasp of what's happened so far and what my feelings are at the end of this whole journey. Though, first I should probably edit "The Lake of Memories" because DARNIT, it's meandering and difficult to read, lol. I trimmed about 1000 words off it the other day, but I think another 1000 words off would probably make it even better, lol.



What if...


- Print the parts of the chapter that I like on actual paper.

- Read it.

- Physically hand write the rest of the chapter

- Type it up once I finish.




- There was this one chapter (called The Lake of Memories) which seemed a little long and I trimmed 2k from it!!! This is good. I sort of want to trim a little more... or at least redirect the first part, because it's a little jarring.

- I printed out the chapter that was giving me trouble and I made notes and I have stuff to rewrite. XD BUT. I think I was going in the right direction... and I have some good ideas, so it's going to be good, lol. I need to deliberately set up the confrontations up, basically, but I didn't do a good job doing it. But I think I figured out how to fix it and set it up for the next part of the chapter.

- I... still haven't written anything to add to the chapter. I think I'll fix it first (I fixed like... a fourth of it today) and then hopefully it'll be easier to continue. I want lined notebook paper to do that and I don't know where that is... *sighs* Maybe I'll go to the store and grab a cheap notebook really quick. >.>

- I think I want to make an ebook of all the chapters so far, save for the last one, and read it on my kindle, just so I won't be tempted to edit it, lol. That way, I can think about the flow a little bit and make sure I am solid about the end.



There is this line that goes, "What happens now?"



Okay! I continued the random brainwave from yesterday and continued to go with it. Words are being written. All chaos is happening. Cyrus is very, very confused. I, the writer, am very, very confused. The reader (probably) will be very, very confused. You are definitely very, very confused reading this.

It is probably a horrible ending, but at least stuff is being written down and it seems to be coming faster than it did, so I dunno. Maybe it's good. Maybe it isn't. We'll see...

I will need to fill it in A LOT with Cyrus's thoughts because he's watching this going, "WTF?" and that might be important. Or maybe not. Solea had basically no inner thoughts in the last part of her book and nobody really cared, so maybe it's okay to just lean on the chaos and trust that the reader knows that Cyrus is bewildered, terrified, and not exactly sure what is going to happen next because... let's face it... I'm not even sure what is going to happen next, hahahaha.


Lolololol I haven't posted in this thread in about two weeks.

For the first week, I was essentially sick and did a lot of revision for Books 2 and 3. I also identified that in Book 3, the chapters "For the Sake of a Child" and "Acceptable Terms of Apology" need to be rewritten and condensed into one chapter (half of the chapter should be the talk with the Lady and half of it should be Alonso sharing his idea, as well as Tiziano with the prophecies, mwhahahaha. (I say mwhahahaha because all the prophecies get fulfilled in Book 4 in the most epic way possible and I am still delighted by how they get fulfilled!) The scenes where the Swans get updated and the Swans flailing around and being not sure what to do need to be cut out.

I also am stiiiiiilllll working on "Justice and Mercy." At this point, the poor chapter has had so many rewrites and false starts that I need to take out all the variations of scenes still in the story and condense it into one cohesive chapter.

I... am still a little unsure about the emotional stuff. I think the first part of the chapter is good because it's a bit of a ride. The problem is when everyone starts showing up, if that makes sense. It's the same problem as the beginning chapter, which was also hard to write, because there were so many people with so many differing perspectives and just... a lot going on. *sigh* (Also, Asha???)

Anyway. I think I should just... condense it. Yes. That is what I should do...


Okay... I didn't really do anything for March 6 except stare at the chapter of doom, despair, and then plot stuff for Camp Nano as a way to procrastinate from Book 4, lol.

But today!!! I condensed the chapter (took out all the false starts and random reworkings, which was about 2k worth), so now it is coherent. I also wrote 500 more words. There are a couple of gaps within the chapter that need to be filled up, but all in all it reads more smoothly. There is 4775 words in this chapter so far.

ALSO. The wind no longer changes Cyrus's clothes. >.> XD


Justice and Mercy is now about 7.5k words. I might have written about 500 new words today... most of the new additions are from older drafts that I had written up before, but second-guessed myself. APPARENTLY, what I wrote was actually pretty good, but the beginning of the chapter needed to be rewritten. Now that I've rewritten the beginning of the chapter, everything is starting to come together better.

I still need to make it seamless, but it's looking much better. Plus, it represents the stuff that is happening in my head better... if that even makes sense. (It makes me sound crazy... I mean to say that it matches my imagination??? BAHHHHHH.)

Niece (who was the whole reason why I started writing this story, since she asked me to write her a story, lololol) pointed out that her birthday was coming up at the end of March and that she would love to read a wedding scene. So I am going to try to FINISH by her birthday. (That way, I can also start revising Book 1 for camp nano without feeling guilty, lol.)


Today, I finessed some of the scenes together. So it's not a high word count day (it's only about 7.6k words now, lol) but I deleted several parts that didn't make sense and added several other scenes to merge it together better so it definitely feels better.

I am verrrry optimistic about this version. The various plot points are clear and dealt with quickly and conclusively with little ambiguity (always important for endings!). The characters and their reactions and what happens to them makes sense. Cyrus has agency in this version and the other characters don't commandeer his story... which was a problem in some of the other drafts, but is not a problem in this draft.

As for the tone of the story, it's a bunch of complicated emotions, and I am okay with that. Cyrus has always been a complicated, nuanced character and this is his ending. It fits him.

I still have to finesse it a bit more and merge some of the scenes together better. Then I have to write about... one or two more major scenes, I think, before the next chapter comes (The Bride Approaches, which is going to be a crazy chapter, lol).

spoooooilers ahead

Spoiler! :
- The contract
- The children???

Anyway, I will probably work a little more on the chapter today, but if I don't... I'm okay with that too. XD


On Sunday, I cleared up a plot inconsistency about L that was bugging me... dramatically, I would rather her backstory being unknown to Cyrus until the end. A conscientious reader would understand and know L's backstory, seeing as she has been in the background of the story since Book 1. But Cyrus shouldn't. So I made that a thing.

I also wrote a little more. It's about 7.8k words now. ^^

Still need to write today! Probably going to continuing connecting everything together and making sure the scenes that I copied and pasted in make sense together, lol.


OKAY. I've integrated most of the copy-pasted scenes in Justice and Mercy. There is one copy-pasted scene that still stands alone, but I edited it so that it can spring off into the next scene so I think it will be good. Anyway, now it's about 8.2k words.

This means we are back to actual writing!!! There's a confrontation to write. :)


I was about to mutter darkly about how I didn't do much today because today was hectic BUT!!! It's now up to 8.9k words, so clearly I must have done something??? Though, I have no idea how I wrote that many words... huh. Weird...


WELL. Justice and Mercy is up to 9.3k words, but... um... I need to backtrack a little. >.>

I need to switch things around a bit. Before the confrontation, it would be nice to have that certain character present.

Basically, I want the emotional cadence of the chapter to go like this...

Spoiler! :
- IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- lolwut no

But right now, it looks like:

Spoiler! :
- IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
- lolwut no
- At least they're here? *grumbles*

And I am currently stuck at the ending of the chapter where it diverges from my ideal chapter because it feels disappointing to me.

Anyway, I want to switch scenes so there's more of an emotional build up, if that makes any sense. Which might mean that I need to rewrite it a little bit and switch some scenes around. But if I do it right, it'll be even more powerful and lead up to the ending better. And hopefully it'll be more exciting to write!

My tongue must tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart, concealing it, will break...
— Katherine, The Taming of the Shrew