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Who shall lead us to our victory? I'd like to nominate @PaigeFantasy

Nominate your leader below!


Paige is always great!! But i would want @Rose they are new and would have fun being the leader, and she is reviewing great!


Rose would most likely be a better leader than me lol
i nominate them as well :)



I appreciate the fact that I'm being voted to lead "Red Team Resilient" (if we'd like that name), I'm honored actually.

However, I'm new so I don't really know what the responsibilities are and what specifically I'll need to do. And I don't want to let you guys down so I'm hoping you could give me some insights on that role.
But I am absolutely in for writing a few reviews :D.


@Rose - to be the Team Leader you just encourage people during Review Day! :) Not too stressful, just a fun role! As the team leader you can also add an avatar to the Team Club or a banner if you like.


Thank you for the info!


@Rose I am sure you can do this! You will definitly be a great team leader. I believe in you. ;)

you should no this
— Hijinks