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  • Mostro Lounge Twistune music (Chapter 3), Mr. S' Mystery Shop BGM, and Savanaclaw theme superiority! They're just too good imo :)

    What are your favorite music selections?

    Mageheart I love all of the Ignihyde-related themes! There's actually two really cool remixed versions of the dorm theme that I love listening to on repeat.

    phpBB [media]

    phpBB [media]

    The second one keeps making me think of Undertale whenever I listen to it for some reason. >>

    Sep 16, 2022

    Lael Ignihyde music is really intriguing to me. It has that nice dash of futuristic to it and fits perfectly with the images of the dorm. These remixes are very nice :)
    Sep 16, 2022

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