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  • This is gold :P


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    EDIT: No idea why this club refuses to let me post (maybe I double-spammed too much, lol?), so I tried to see what would happen if I posted my words as an image instead. Maybe I need to talk to the mods about this.

    Lael YAYYYY I got both Jamil and Malleus in 3 tenfold key summons (Malleus popped up like 4 times lol)
    Dec 5, 2022

  • I decided to just see what happens if I spent some single keys on the Halloween Silver & Leona showcase and just 9 later, I got Silver! I'm really pleased, it was the very last key I was going to spend anyways, too :P

    Also, there have been so many funny iconic lines through this whole Endless Halloween story and I'm learning a lot of interesting things about these dudes. I'm kind of curious about some of the Disney movie references, because I can't recognize all of the stories they're talking about. I got the Mulan ones, and perhaps Jungle Book (?), but all the rest are lost on me.

    Spoiler! :
    Leona was really about to sing "Be Prepared"??

  • There's a bundle offer going on in the game right now to celebrate TWST at some anime con! Log in five times within the next 6 days or so and get some extra login bonuses. It was extra gems and keys today, if I remember correctly. Also, there are 2 paid and one free gems bundle in the Shop. The free gems one is for 1 Celebratory SR Key (any SR of your choice), 2 tenfold keys, and some other things that I can't remember because they probably didn't seem as important to me, lol. Have fun!

  • Me every time I see/hear something more about Ortho: How are you so cute??

    (except maybe not the whole firing a beam to blow up the school thing, lol)

  • Suddenly got it into my head to assign the TWST characters to certain memes/iconic moments from certain other things I like, but I don’t think most of the jokes would be understood here lol. I guess I’ll just do it to entertain myself when I’ve got some free time :P

  • It’s always so fun to go into the Exam battles and recognize which vignette the opponent characters and the backdrop are from. For example, the current Omni Exam is from Floyd’s labwear vignette.

  • I got Floyd’s bday SSR within 20 pulls!! 14 to be exact but I spent 2 tenfold keys so. :) I was debating whether I should spend my keys on it but hey gotta be fair with my two faves. If I’m gonna get Jamil then I gotta get Floyd too

  • Remember the time that Idia wanted to use Ortho as a vehicle? Like what—

  • There have been so many iconic/funny lines in Endless Halloween so far. xD The story has also been very interesting, but I miss hearing the boys' "Twisted Wonderland" on the title page

    Also, this event is really giving me all these answers to questions I had, like how many students are on campus and if any of the professors are married. How nice :)

  • Which Halloween event’s music do you prefer? I gotta say I like Part 1’s better because it sounds cool and Part 2’s is a little too disturbing for my liking (that literal scream at the beginning) since I don’t prefer actual spooky things

  • Mageheart
    Oct 30, 2022

    So happy to see Endless Halloween is hitting English TWST! If you thought the og Halloween was a blast, you're in for a treat. This is hands down one of my favorite events in the game.

    Mageheart I've also been doing my very best not to mention it to avoid ruining the surprise. :P

    (And in case it didn't happen.)

    Oct 30, 2022

    Lael I kind of saw that it was a thing from YouTube and people mentioning it under TWST’s social media. I had no idea at first that there were 2 different Halloween stories, and when I did, I tried to avoid spoilers but unfortunately I think I got some pretty big ones. Not devastated but a little disappointed that I couldn’t get a blank experience going in :P
    Also Trey and Silver’s SSR look so good?? It’s making me consider whether I should try pulling for one, but it was hard to scrounge to have even a handful of tenfold keys and gems saved up lol. I already sacrificed 2 tenfold keys to try my luck at the Scarabia showcase

    Oct 30, 2022

  • Trying to do a ranking sorter to see my personal ranking of favorite to least favorite TW students, but I'm struggling with some of them. I'm literally trying so hard with some combinations to think which one I like more with the guys I favor and which one I dislike more for the ones I don't feel as attached to/I'm a little harsher towards, lol. The competition is steep here! I just want it to be perfectly ranked and not tied between any character.

    Floyd vs Jamil: *me sweating profusely*

  • Tenfold key bundle on sale for 250 gems! Of course there is also a paid gems bundle but this broke player isn’t looking at that :’)

    Also, the last Halloween event punchcard ends on the 23rd, so the training camp should start right after that.

    Happy playing! —Lael

  • So there was some news/notification in the app today of particular note: In late October (unfortunately it didn't give an exact date), there will be a multi-dorm training camp for 3 students of your choice! Might be a good time to get in that leveling for your best/most necessary cards.

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