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Twisted Wonderland Club

  • I’m sorry, what—Now he’s walking on his hind legs?? (They heard me apparently.) Honestly that looks even scarier than him walking on all fours :P


  • Twisted Tsumderland is here (after a crazy emergency update…)! I’m ready to pull for the Leona and Floyd cards :)

  • Book 6 Part 1 is coming out February 20! Are you ready?

    Mageheart !!!!!

    It's coming so soon!

    Feb 19, 2023

    Lael I just made it through all of the currently released chapters and I just gotta say that Book 6 is really good. It's exceeding my expectations and making my conspiracy theory brain cogs start to turn again.
    Spoiler! :
    I gained a lot more respect for Vil at the NRC Tribe meeting?! Also, all the dialogue has been so hilarious so far, except for Grim feeling sad by himself in his cell--that was sad. But I'm glad someone finally said he was a menace :P

    Feb 21, 2023

  • Don’t know about you guys but I am disturbed whenever I see Grim walking like this hahaha :P I’m just so used to seeing him standing bipedal


  • According to the first anniversary livestream, the Guest Room feature is coming to the US app on January 23. Book 6 will arrive sometime soon as well.

  • I’m playing the New Year event right now and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of bug because I already got the free Deuce card from playing it, but the duplicates and the groovification items haven’t appeared in the Fortune Cookie store like such things usually would.

    Lael Silly me, they appeared after I cleared the whole event
    Jan 7, 2023

  • This is gold :P


  • Image
    EDIT: No idea why this club refuses to let me post (maybe I double-spammed too much, lol?), so I tried to see what would happen if I posted my words as an image instead. Maybe I need to talk to the mods about this.

    Lael YAYYYY I got both Jamil and Malleus in 3 tenfold key summons (Malleus popped up like 4 times lol)
    Dec 5, 2022

  • I decided to just see what happens if I spent some single keys on the Halloween Silver & Leona showcase and just 9 later, I got Silver! I'm really pleased, it was the very last key I was going to spend anyways, too :P

    Also, there have been so many funny iconic lines through this whole Endless Halloween story and I'm learning a lot of interesting things about these dudes. I'm kind of curious about some of the Disney movie references, because I can't recognize all of the stories they're talking about. I got the Mulan ones, and perhaps Jungle Book (?), but all the rest are lost on me.

    Spoiler! :
    Leona was really about to sing "Be Prepared"??

  • There's a bundle offer going on in the game right now to celebrate TWST at some anime con! Log in five times within the next 6 days or so and get some extra login bonuses. It was extra gems and keys today, if I remember correctly. Also, there are 2 paid and one free gems bundle in the Shop. The free gems one is for 1 Celebratory SR Key (any SR of your choice), 2 tenfold keys, and some other things that I can't remember because they probably didn't seem as important to me, lol. Have fun!

  • Me every time I see/hear something more about Ortho: How are you so cute??

    (except maybe not the whole firing a beam to blow up the school thing, lol)

  • Suddenly got it into my head to assign the TWST characters to certain memes/iconic moments from certain other things I like, but I don’t think most of the jokes would be understood here lol. I guess I’ll just do it to entertain myself when I’ve got some free time :P

  • It’s always so fun to go into the Exam battles and recognize which vignette the opponent characters and the backdrop are from. For example, the current Omni Exam is from Floyd’s labwear vignette.

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