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  • Literally embarrassing myself by only just now, after months of the Guest Room being a thing in the English server, figuring out how to collect the Room Tokens. *face smack* That's probably at least a thousand tokens that I missed out on c:

  • Phantom Bride encore event taking place now!!

    Lael This is my first time playing this event and I just gotta say that so far, the ghost bride is seriously making herself seem like an awful person. But on the other hand, the story has been mostly amusing :)
    Jun 13, 2023

  • There is a special celebration that will take place starting tomorrow for the release of The Little Mermaid. It's Octavinelle themed, and there are some bundles that can be purchased from the Shop (including keys).

  • The Harveston event was so good! I think it’s got to be my favorite one I’ve played through so far

  • Harveston!!!! The music and the descriptions! The Epel card looks so pretty too, but I’m saving up. Too bad :/

    I’d ask Epel to take me to Harveston if I was transported to Twisted Wonderland. Sounds like it would be so fun, plus apples :)

  • Next month, there are 2 birthday bashes and 2 events. Harveston event is coming and a rerun of Fairy Gala!!

    Lael Not ready for Fairy Gala… Hopefully I don’t get taken to pity town again for Leona, because Fairy Gala Leona is way better than Tsum Leona
    Apr 1, 2023

  • Just finished Book 6 and boy, do I have a bunch of things to process/say about that. Coming probably soon in the Main Story forum thread :) People who haven't gotten that far yet beware!

  • I’m sorry, what—Now he’s walking on his hind legs?? (They heard me apparently.) Honestly that looks even scarier than him walking on all fours :P


  • Twisted Tsumderland is here (after a crazy emergency update…)! I’m ready to pull for the Leona and Floyd cards :)

    Lael ...And SSR Tsumsitter Leona took me to pity town with many stops at SR Floyd Tsumsitter station and every other regular old (and some new) SR and R card station along the way. Couldn't even give me some more Tsumsitter Caters or an SSR Tsumsitter Riddle. c: One of the times where it probably wasn't worth being so stubborn c':
    Mar 30, 2023

  • Book 6 Part 1 is coming out February 20! Are you ready?

    Mageheart !!!!!

    It's coming so soon!

    Feb 19, 2023

    Lael I just made it through all of the currently released chapters and I just gotta say that Book 6 is really good. It's exceeding my expectations and making my conspiracy theory brain cogs start to turn again.
    Spoiler! :
    I gained a lot more respect for Vil at the NRC Tribe meeting?! Also, all the dialogue has been so hilarious so far, except for Grim feeling sad by himself in his cell--that was sad. But I'm glad someone finally said he was a menace :P

    Feb 21, 2023

  • Don’t know about you guys but I am disturbed whenever I see Grim walking like this hahaha :P I’m just so used to seeing him standing bipedal


  • According to the first anniversary livestream, the Guest Room feature is coming to the US app on January 23. Book 6 will arrive sometime soon as well.

  • I’m playing the New Year event right now and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of bug because I already got the free Deuce card from playing it, but the duplicates and the groovification items haven’t appeared in the Fortune Cookie store like such things usually would.

    Lael Silly me, they appeared after I cleared the whole event
    Jan 7, 2023

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