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  • Hello! This is the little houseplant in the Calm Club logo. I have three items to give to you today . . .

    1) A pet rock who is happy to do all your worrying for you if you write it down on a piece of paper and give it to him.
    2) A pet lantern who can adjust the level of illumination so it's just right for any room you walk into.
    3) A pet compass that, instead of pointing north, will point to the next place that has the best air quality and temperature.

It is only a novel... or, in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best-chosen language
— Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey