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  • Did you know houseplants can listen to music too? Well -- at least I can, as the official mascot of the Calm Club :D Here are three tracks I've been listening to:

    1) The gentle hum of the baby dragon living in the planet's core
    2) The sound of the intergalactical river that flows through a distant solar system, as it splashes against comets and rogue planets as though they were rocks by a brook
    3) The drumming of rain drops on the jungle canopy

  • Hello! This is the little houseplant in the Calm Club logo. I have three items to give to you today . . .

    1) A pet rock who is happy to do all your worrying for you if you write it down on a piece of paper and give it to him.
    2) A pet lantern who can adjust the level of illumination so it's just right for any room you walk into.
    3) A pet compass that, instead of pointing north, will point to the next place that has the best air quality and temperature.

  • Let's get a random question about books/ short stories/ poetry! Which of the aforementioned have you read involves a memorable tranquil setting? (like a special lake, or a special treehouse . . . )

    Liminality The descriptions of the Flurry in 'Letters from a Travelling Man', while not conventionally 'tranquil' (it's described as a "patchwork of chaos") somehow make me feel at peace anyway. They're just so charming, even though the story leans on the more deeply emotional side. The Flurry is a group of islands that are constantly shifting around, and people travel among them using magical ferries called autoferries.
    Jun 9, 2022

    NewHope I’ve read quite a few poems of the sort… Robert Frost wrote a really neat poem about innocence, using the first hue of sunlight on a leads as a metaphor. It was short, heartbreaking but very peaceful. I think it was called “Morning Gold” or something on those lines.
    Jun 11, 2022

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  • Alright, time for another random question: what is the most calming time of day for you?

    Liminality Mine is before the sun rises. I like the feeling of everything being quiet and the whole day being ahead of me.
    Jun 2, 2022

    NewHope Mine is like a “fake dawn”. The pitch black darkness slowly becomes a dark blue. For me that is such a beautiful feeling. I love sitting on the porch in a nature, especially in a national park, listening to birds starting to rustle the leaves and so close to full song - just those first whistles. I remember in the Kruger National Park I was sitting on the porch, my backpack was next to me. Everything was packed for our 12 hour game drive. And just as the “fake dawn” had begun I heard a shrill shriek. I looked up at the sky and circling almost impossibly was a bird. I quickly pulled out my binoculars and as I stared in wonder at the lightening sky I saw a bat hawk circling slowly.
    Jun 2, 2022

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  • Random question time: what's your favourite flower/plant?

    Liminality Mine is the bougainvillea! See an example here. My grandmother has some in her garden, so I get to see them every day. I like that the petal shapes are kind of geometric, and that the stamen in the flower look like little matchsticks. The texture of the petals I find is also really unique (just like paper!)
    May 31, 2022

    MailicedeNamedy I really like the cornflower and the poppy because of their colours. They have something elegant but also rebellious in them. I also like a lot of trees. They are so sturdy and majestic like the weeping willow or the wild cherry (which smells amazing!).
    May 31, 2022

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  • phpBB [media]

    Here's a nice song from two of my favourite musicians! Goes between chill to upbeat, with the theme of friendship to brighten your day c:

  • Hiya everyone! How are things? I keep saying to myself I'm going to have some quotes to sketchnote and put in this club and then I keep forgetting.

    Also, psst, feel free to start your own poetry-to-calm-yourself thread in this club. I find mine really helpful. Whenever I'm in a 'ranty' mood, I hop in there and write a calm soothing poem instead, and I find that it's a good way to balance out the emotion. Here are some of my fave lines from those poems:

    there is only glass here,
    the roof of the greenhouse,
    and below are heart-shaped leaves

    You are only the impression of starlight
    on the edge of polished glass.

    You have
    drawn it from the endless
    wells in the pit of your stomach

    Don't put your words into their beaks.
    Just get up and walk to the cabinet
    and start sorting jars.

    Lay back with langour,
    see how far you can let them
    truss and muss these vines

    light and effortless,
    move as the air does,
    as the moon does
    across the night sky.

  • Image

    Here's a nice photo by
    Johannes Plenio!

    AlyTheBookworm I love this c:
    Mar 9, 2022

  • Tell yourself
    as it gets cold and gray falls from the air
    that you will go on

    - Mark Strand, in Lines for Winter

    A nice calming poem to read c:

  • "Balance your stones in artful ways."

    -- from 'Reflections on Stone' by Teresa H. Klepec

  • Here's a fun challenge. Try to find the most calming picture on a free-to-use photography website like Pexels today and share it with us, for example with this dog picture:

    [Alt text: A cute brown dog hiding in a bush]

    This one was taken by Max Garaev.

    If you'd like you can also write some poetry/prose to go with your picture and collect your posts in a thread in the club forum!

    Spoiler! :

    photo by mali maeder :)

    Jan 18, 2022

    AlyTheBookworm Also, any of Atey Ghailan's nature-inspired artworks are lovely. He's one of my favorite digital artists and has a really calming artstyle c:
    Jan 18, 2022

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  • Does anyone here do journaling? Feel free to tell us about your journals and whether or not writing in them helps you keep calm. c:

    Liminality I keep what you might call way-too-many journals. I have an 'art journal' which is just a series of doodles and pictures I downloaded in a section of my OneNote. I have a paper journal I write in every morning to off-load some early morning thoughts. I also write in a 'Reflections' diary, which is where a majority of my blog posts here on YWS come from. Writing in any of these journals calms me down because the process takes my mind off of whatever was making me not calm and also distances my thoughts from the immediate burst of emotion. My art journal is particularly fun - I enjoy decorating it :D
    Dec 19, 2021

    AlyTheBookworm Journaling helps me a lot in calming myself down, processing stuff, and organizing my thoughts. I have a million physical sketchbooks, several digital photoshop art & doodle "sketchbooks", a dream journal, a poetry journal, a personal journal where I write about my life n' stuff, and a journal where I record my thoughts and resolutions during meditation, adoration, and prayer. I keep the last two to myself, but I've shared the others with family and friends. I tend to write in my personal journal when I'm angry or sad, but in the process calm myself down. Writing helps me wring something positive from whatever happened, so I can finish my entry having accepted it, ready to move on and be at peace.
    Dec 19, 2021

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  • What are your calming activity recommendations?

    Liminality Mine is 'recalling or reciting song lyrics' for when I need to take my mind off of something in a pinch!
    Nov 24, 2021

    AlyTheBookworm During the day, I go out for walks to clear my head. At night, I like to lie down, turn off the lights, close my eyes, and listen to music with my headphones on. Familiar, nostalgic music (like the Studio Ghibli soundtracks) are most calming to me. Also, warm drinks or soup c:
    Nov 24, 2021

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