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  • sister conflict

    Spoiler! :
    I'm running errands with my sister and she puts her music up really loud. So loud I can feel it in my chest. And I repeatedly tell her it bothers me. So we get out of the car and she asks if my ears are really that sensitive. I say yes and she asks why. I say it's because I'm autistic. Then she says that I'm not. We go back in the car and drive to another place. On our way home I'm rehearsing to tell her that I am autistic. I won't lie, my heart was beating. So I tell her that I really am autistic and things turned out well. She only said that because of the tone of voice that I used which I, obviously, didn't know affected what I said. I just felt I had to say this for some reason.

  • The Rosemary Center: Chapter 1
    A piece of Dystopian Fiction about the stigma surrounding mental illness.

  • I have an idea.
    A piece of Dystopian Fiction about the stigma surrounding mental illness and The efforts some have gone to try and "CURE" Autism.

  • I wanted to share an experience I had a few years ago.
    enspoilered for discrimination, length, and hinted cursing.

    Spoiler! :
    When I was at my old school my administrator, lets call her Becky, hated me. 5th grade she first showed her animosity towards me. I wouldn't make eye contact if she talked to me and I think that was one thing that made her dislike me. But 6th grade is where she actually hated me. I am very sensitive to all the senses and one day I had gotten some shots. They hurt like crazy and I just really needed to go home. That day was picture day and the people who were posing me agitated my arm making it hurt more. I asked if I could call home and she gave me this look like I was crazy. To be fair she was dealing with some students who didn't have their uniform that day. Another day I had a science project due and I had forgotten to bring it so I was panicking and crying because I thought I was going to get in trouble and I don't like it when I get in trouble. I asked to call my dad to bring my project and Becky, very frustrated with my quiet crying, told me to stop. Not in a way that promoted a sense of security, but instead like I was being reprimanded. I got the project btw. But the thing that set her over the edge was when I was sick with a stomach flu I needed an English book for the homework I was missing. I had my dad go get it and she said she couldn't because class was in session. In fact she would interrupt classes all the time to pick up homework for kids who needed it. My dad went ballistic and dropped f-bombs on Becky. After that her hatred for me skyrocketed. And I can assure you that she was like this only to me. 7th grade is when I was told I most likely have autism but I have not gotten diagnosed to avoid different treatment from people. I was touring a new girl around my school campus with 2 of my classmate. One of them, lets call her Alice, was being goofy because that's how she is. Becky just blatantly said, "Alice is my favourite," and looked at me with contempt. Whenever I would be late to class or had to sign in I would get really anxious and not make eye contact. I would also be very quiet to answering any questions she had. I would always fear that she would yell or some other loud noise might happen. There was one time where there was a loud sound in the hallway next to where I was signing in and I would jump. Becky looked at me like I was mental. But anyway I have a feeling that she was very discriminatory to me because of my outward displays of my autism.

  • Can I subscribe to this club? I don't have autism, but I have problems socializing and I fidget a lot and I am a wallflower type. I won't be offended if anyone says no.

    starshipgirl Im going to just subscribe to this club
    May 6, 2021

    Zyria Sorry about the lateness of my response but yes, you can join as a supporter <333
    May 6, 2021

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